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Friday, October 21, 2022

Amazon Finds-2

This speaker can convert your non smart devices into smart devices this is the brand new Xiaomi smart speaker and this is not just the smart speaker just like a Google Home or a Google Home mini this also has Google assistant and it can do things easily like play music cast music but you know the coolest part is this speaker can control your non smart devices like TV AC speakers you get the idea, yeah this has infrared sensors on the top and you can control the gadgets or devices in your room with this speaker you can also just ask Google to control the device, i mean this is so useful with all the non-smart devices in the room that you want to control from anywhere the speakers are really loud and the place is good this has digital clock and there are control buttons on the top and this is a good smart speaker for your house, Iam replacing my google home mini with this.

This is a radar motion sensing bulb I got from Amazon and this is super useful, You can connect this bulb to a regular B22 bin and just leave it whenever you enter the room it will use the motion sensors and will light up the room and once it detects room movement in the room for a minute it will turn off automatic this is very useful when you're using washing at night or in a place like a storeroom you get the idea and for ₹335

If you have Wi-Fi at home you need this little gadget if you live in a place with a lot of power cuts and no inverter this little device will keep your Wi-Fi running for up to four hours yes this is a Wi-Fi you all you have to do is take the routers power cable and connect it to the UPS they just connect the wire from the UPS to the router you're done this UPS will keep charging itself and then the power goes out it would still be able to use internet without any interruptions this works with every normal 12 volt router out there this is available on amazon for like ₹1000 which is a really good price share this with someone who find it useful.

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