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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Changing the back glass on an iPhone

Apple launched the iPhone 14 earlier this month, and the phone is already making headlines for offering almost the same design and features as the old-gen iPhone 13. However, it appears that the new Apple smartphone features bigger changes internally than externally. A new report points out that the iPhone 14 is much easier to repair than iPhone 8 and beyond. This includes the iPhone 13 as well.

According to iFixit, the iPhone 14 has a new internal architecture that makes it easier for repairers to remove both front and back panels. The new design is friendly to customers opting for Apple's self-repair programme. Until the iPhone 13 (since iPhone 8), customers needed to open the phone from the front to repair/replace internal components. To repair a broken glass back, users (even repairers) need special tools to remove the panel. 

iFixit says, "The disadvantage with this front-optimised design, of course, is that it's hard to swap out the back panel. That wasn't really an issue until the iPhone 8 when they switched to radio-transparent glass to support wireless charging and NFC payments. Then, with the iPhone X, they welded a bulky camera lens cover over that glass". It adds, "If replacing the screen on a Galaxy phone is hard, changing the back glass on an iPhone X (or 11, or 12, or 13) is murder". 

The report now points out that Apple users and repairers can now use a heat mat (to soften the adhesive underneath), a suction handle, and an opening-pick to remove the front and back panels. It would benefit customers enrolled in Apple's self-repair programme. Since the programme is unavailable in India, it may ease third-party repairers' repair work. It could also reduce the repair cost if you choose iPhone 14. The company also gave it a repairability score of 7 out of 10, the highest repairability score an iPhone has received since the iPhone 7. 

To give you a perspective, iFixit notes that repairing the glass back on the iPhone 12 or 13 could cost up to $599 (roughly Rs 47,700). 



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