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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Best Android Smartphone Deals on Amazon and Flipkart

Shopping Pro Tips

Here's how you can save a ton of money if you're planning on buying something from Amazon or Flipkart during this sale time life protest part, open any product you like and you can see the price graphic. This shows the price history of the product and you can see the lowest price with this graph. Sometimes sellers increase the price right before the sale and then bring it back to regular prices during the sale and you feel like it's. With this graph feature, you can get to know the discounts better and the sellers won't be able to scam. To get this graph feature, just go to Chrome extensions and install the PIAT cakes tensions and you're done. This extension works with Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Share this with your friends who are looking to buy something during the sale.  


Safety First🔥

Buy Now

Smart Door alarm I got from Amazon for ₹1400 and let me tell you how useful this is. So you get two sensors and all you need to do is attach this to the door and other one to the side path. There are screws to attach the sensor to the wall. If you don't like the double-sided tape. once the device is mounted install the ookos Smart app and set it up with your home Wi-Fi and you are done. You can see that when you open or close the door, it is shown in the app as well.

OK, here's how this is useful. 😱

If you're leaving the house or going to sleep at night, you can just turn on the door sensor to open alarm. If the door is opened at any time, the sensor will alert you with an alarm sound wherever you are. You can even connect this with Google Assistant or Alexa. You can see the door open and close this. Here you can share the devices. Family members, this is really a very useful safety device for ₹1400.


Best phone deals on Amazon and Flipkart. 


First up Amazon deals  

For the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G available for just ₹52,999. That's it 20,000 discount.  


You can buy the insanely powerful Redmi k50i 5g for just ₹24,999. That's a ₹6000 discount.  


You can get the Redmi Note 11 pro for just 17,999 that's a discount of ₹4000  


Get the Samsung Galaxy S20FE at just ₹29,999 flagship specs at that price.


All right, here on the Flipkart. 

You can get the brand-new Pixel 6A just ₹34,199 you getting the latest pixel for that, right?  


PocoF45G will be available to buy for just ₹23,499.

Also you can get the Moto G 82 at ₹19,999, which is a really good deal


The Redmi 9 PRO+ at just ₹19,899 is again a great deal.


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