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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Amazon Finds-1

Amazon Finds-1


This little ₹299 night light from Amazon is pretty useful. Let me show you just leave the switch on. It automatically turns on the light using the light sensor. The response time is insane quick. It's just a 0.5-Watt light, and it's so dim that you can properly see at night, but it won't happen. And if it's Julius about how this works, you can just. Open this up and here's the main board and this is the tiny light sensor and the core. This light is useful for places like clear ways, bedroom, bathroom. from amazon for ₹299.00 and that's a good price for a light. 

This is not a normal phone holder. This is a phone mount got from Amazon and this is crazy useful. This mount can be adjusted by tightening this so it can be placed pretty much anywhere. You can use it in the kitchen, mount it on your table, attach it in your car. Coolest part is that this can be adjusted completely. You can just place your phone here and place it in landscape or portrait. These arms can be adjusted multiple ways and amount can be rotated completely. I cannot tell you how versatile this phone mount is. I mean I can use it anywhere I can music, video calls, I can use it for watching videos, I mean the possibilities are endless and you can get this from Amazon for ₹389 and that's not too pricey for this.  

This is a 60-Watt USB hub I got from Amazon and let me tell you why this is so useful. This hub has six USB ports, including a USB C port that supports up to 18-Watt PD charging. You can fast charge an iPhone with this by the way and there's this quick charge 3.0 USB A port that supports up to 36-Watt output that is quite fast for USB hub in this price. then there are these 4 regular USB ports to charge of Bluetooth speakers wirelessly, you get the point. The build quality is pretty sturdy and there are these LED indicators as well. So, power cable is 1 meter long and I find this useful for places like your bedside table, your office table, or even your work from home setup. This is available on Amazon for like ₹1000. 


This tiny keychain from Amazon works with your TV, add your phone. this is a Bluetooth gamepad remote and this is so much fun to use, four controller buttons, start button and joystick on this to play games, play games with two more controller buttons and it is so much fun.  No noticeable latency. The size is very handy and pocket friendly. This even works with smart TV. We tried playing some games with this remote and it works perfectly fine on the Android TV app. This works with both iOS and Android and you can get it from Amazon for like 349 rupees 

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