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Sunday, August 14, 2022

WhatsApp tips and tricks

WhatsApp tips and tricks

Hi everyone, Sudarshan here and today I want to show you my favourite top ten WhatsApp tips and tricks. If you use WhatsApp, you'll want to know these. Let's check these out.

Tip #1. Live Location

You know, I could try to describe where I am right now, but that's going to take a bit of time. Instead, I can share my live location. In a conversation, click on the plus icon and right there you see the option to share your location. When you select that, you could pick how much time you want to share your location, and now my location is being shared.

To review all of the different people who you are sharing your location with, you can click into settings, account, privacy, and then live location, and right there you can review everyone who has access. Once you are all done sharing my location, you can simply click on stop sharing.

Tip #2, WhatsApp on your Computer.

Now most people associate WhatsApp with a phone app, but if you spend any amount of time sitting in front of a PC, you could use it either on the web or as a desktop app, to use it on the web, head to the WhatsApp. Once you log in, you'll have your full WhatsApp experience. You could carry on your group conversations, your individual conversations, except two key features are missing. You can't make voice or video calls. If you need those, you can also use the desktop app. To get the desktop app, head to the website right here. With the desktop app, you have pretty much all the full functionality and you can also make voice and video calls. If you spend any amount of time sitting in front of a PC, you'll want to make sure you use these experiences.

Tip #3 Important conversation.

Here for example, I have a conversation that I want to make sure that I go back to. Here I can simply swipe to the side, and I can mark it as unread. That serves as a visual reminder that I need to go back to it, or let's say that I have an important conversation, and I want to leave it at the top of all of my conversations. Here too, I could also swipe on that message and then I can pin it. This moves that message to the very top of the list so I remember to go back to it. Now, let's say that there is maybe a request or a question within a conversation, and I want to make sure that I respond to that. It could be very easy to miss it. Here I’ll click into a conversation and then I can press and hold on a specific message and then I can star that message. To get back to all of my starred messages, I'll click into settings and then here's the option with starred messages. When I click on that, I can now review all of my starred messages.

Tip #4 Custom Sound.

you can play a custom sound when one of your contacts messages you. This way you know who sent you a message without even needing to look at your phone. In WhatsApp, click into a conversation, then click on the person’s name, and right there click on the option for wallpaper and sounds. Down at the very bottom, you can now set a custom tone for that individual. Unfortunately, you can't just choose whatever sound you want. You have to choose one of these preset options, but you do have a number of different options.

Tip #5 Custom Wallpaper.

You can also set a custom wallpaper for specific individuals. Here in the same location as setting the custom sound, up above I can also choose a wallpaper. When I click on this, I can choose from one of these categories or down below I can also choose whatever image I want on my phone. Now when I go into the conversation, I see that background with this conversation. I could also set a custom background for all of my conversations. Down below, click on settings, then click on chats, and right here let's click into chat wallpaper, and here too I can select a wallpaper for all of my different chats.

Tip #6 Mute a Conversation

You can mute a conversation, so you no longer hear any sounds or notifications when new messages come in. This is especially helpful if let's say you are part of a group conversation and you're just not as enthusiastic about that conversation. Here in the chat view, simply swipe on a message, click on the ellipsis, and here you see the option to mute. You could select how long you want to mute the conversation for. Once you mute the conversation, you'll continue to see the conversation, but now you see this mute icon letting you know that it's currently muted. To undo this, you could simply go through that same flow again.

Tip #7 Disappearing Messages

You can set messages to disappear after a certain amount of time. The benefit of this is you can free up space on your phone, especially if you end up sharing a lot of photos and videos. To disappear messages, click into one of your chats, then click on the person’s name, then select disappearing messages, and now you can choose the amount of time for when you want messages to delete or disappear. Down at the very bottom, you can also set a default across all of your conversations. Another way to get there, back on the main screen, click on settings, then account, then privacy, and then disappearing messages. And here too, you can also configure an amount of time that you want to keep messages for before they're deleted.

Tip #8 View once.

You can set it so someone can only view a photo that you send them one time, so this way, if, I don't know, maybe, you want to share a photo of, your cat, you can do that. Here if I inserted a photo of a cat. When I click on this icon right next to chat box, it changes to 1, indicating that the recipient will only be able to view it once. Now, one thing to note before you go off sending photos of your furry friend, just keep in mind that it is possible to take a screenshot of the message, so it could go on to live forever. So just remember to use this with caution.

Tip #9 Read receipts

This is a quick one. You can toggle on or off read receipts. When you read a message, the recipient will be able to see that you read the message, but maybe you don't want to share information like that. To turn this off, click into settings, account, privacy, and right here there's a toggle to turn it on or off. Just keep in mind if you turn this off, you also won't be able to see the read receipt from the other person who you're interacting with.

Tip #10 React and reply to messages.

You can react and reply to specific messages in a chat. Within a chat, simply press and hold on a specific message, and here you have all of these different emojis that you can choose from. When you click on one of them, that'll attach it to the message.You can also reply to a specific message. Simply press and hold once again and here you can reply. The benefit of doing this is you have all the context of the message that you're replying to in your response.

Now I know we've gone through 10 tips, but I want to leave you with two extra bonus tips at the end.

Bonus tip #1

You can very quickly get back to any media associated with a conversation. So, let's say that you share photos or videos or maybe links. You can scroll through the conversation to try to get back to them or you could simply click on the name of the conversation at the top, and here you'll see an option called media, links, and docs. When you click on that, you'll see all of the different media, documents, or links shared in that conversation, and up above, you can even filter based on the different content types.

Bonus tip #2

You can take more control over your voice memos. When you press the voice memo button, it'll just start recording, but if you swipe up, this will now persist the recording. Here you could pause it, compose your thoughts, and then resume your recording. Here once you pause again, you can go back and review your recording before you send it. If you're unhappy with it, you can simply delete it, or once you're satisfied with it, you can click on the send icon.

All right, well, let me know down below in the comments, do you have any other tips and tricks that you would recommend in WhatsApp?

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