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Sunday, August 14, 2022

VLC Media Player banned in India


If you are active on social media then you might have heard about this news that VLC media player has been banned in India by Indian government. They have responded a user on twitter saying that it was banned in Feb 13 Still neither VideoLan nor Indian authorities have shared any information about why it was banned.  

The official website of VLC has been blocked nationwide. But it is still available in Play Store and App Store where you can download it in your phone. But if you try to download it from website then you can't do that. But still, you can access the website and download the application by using VPN . 

Also if you have VLC installed in your computer it will still work. But it's not possible to go to website and download directly. According to some reports suggests that China based hacking group Cicada were using VLC to perform cyber-attacks. 

Security experts have also discovered that VLC was being used to inject malicious malware to perform long cyber-attack. One of the users have tweeted the screenshot saying that when you open the website this message is showing. Other user also tweeted and asking if the VLC is being banned then how its working in his computer In respond to that tweet VLC replied

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