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Sunday, July 25, 2021

What is Windows 365

What is Windows 365

Hello everyone, Sudarshan here and today we are going to look at Windows 365 and try answer the question, what it is? and why would you ever want to use it but first off what is windows 365?

So, Windows 365 is just a more advanced version of windows 11, yes i mean it is not just the number attached to it, Windows 365 is a cloud pc that you stream but hold on what does that means?

The easiest way to explain it is to use a simple example, imagine that you are in the market for a new computer, the computer you have at home is outdated or in some case it cannot run high resources applications. so, you go to your local computer store, and you check out what they have available, and you find a computer that has a good processor it has a lot of memory, and the hard drive space is sufficient to be able to store lots of your stuffs on that hard drive. so, you decide to buy it but instead of paying for your computer all at once you decide that you are simply going to pay for your computer by month in perpetuity and then also when you walk out of the store you do not carry your computer with you, you leave your computer at the computer store and in this case the computer store is a data center so now you get back home and you start to wonder what you bought.?

Well here's where the cool thing comes in, you can now access your cloud pc from any of your devices maybe you have a tablet sitting around at home or maybe you have an android phone or maybe you have a Chromebook or an old windows pc you can use any one of those devices to log on to your cloud pc and the best thing like you connect on your tablet and then maybe you connect on your Chromebook everything on your cloud pc will be exactly how you left it from the previous device basically all you need is an internet connection that's fast enough to stream movies and you'll be able to access your windows 365 cloud pc as well.

So, you can access your computer from anywhere but if i bought a laptop i could just carry that with me wherever i go so why would i need a cloud pc?

So, let's go back to the example of using high recourses application which needs an incredibly good processor it uses a lot of memory you need an exceptionally good graphics card now because we have our computer at the computer store if you need a little bit more let us say processor, you need a little bit more memory you could simply give them a call and ask them to give more memory or give a better processor.
But with Windows 365 instead of calling the computer store i simply go onto an admin interface and you could pick a better processor you could add some extra memory, or you could get a bigger hard drive as well so you could do all of that with just the click of a mouse, you can just upgrade your pc along with being able to degrade your pc whenever you need.

Windows 365 also has a blazingly fast internet connection, so let's go back to the example with high recourses application let's say you're working on a video and maybe collaborating with someone, and they record let's say 100 GB or maybe even more then that worth of high quality footage that you want to incorporate into the video now with your home internet connection it would take probably the entire day to get all of those files downloaded but because your Windows 365 pc is at the a data center it has a 10 gigabit per second connection which is way faster than i would ever be able to get at home, so Windows 365 pc can download all of those files in just an instant and then you can continue your work, so what your need is a home internet connection that's fast enough to see what's on your Windows 365 pc but Windows 365 will be able to connect way faster than you could ever imagine at home.

Some added benefits.

Your computer stays at the data center, they will also take care of all the software updates, they will also make sure that the security and compliance are first rated and if you ever lose the physical device that you are using to connect to your Windows 365, well your Windows 365 is separate from that, so it stays safe.

All of this sounds great but before we do that there are a few potential downsides that you might want to consider with windows 365.
Now paying a monthly subscription fee to use windows on a cloud and Microsoft has not announced pricing yet, but it will be around $30 to $40 dollars which we convert to INR it will be around Rs.3000 per month depending on the license that you choose and the specs on the machine that you want. Also, if you use let us say touch or pen, we do not know how that experience will be remember you are connecting to a pc that is in the cloud that is going to be far away from where you are physically located and if there is any delay or latency there might ruin that experience and one of the biggest downsides is if you do not have any internet well there is no way to use your cloud pc.

So hopefully by now you have a good sense for what Windows 365 is and what some of the potential downsides are. It might sound really like something else called Azure Virtual Desktop that is a similar service where you can set up a cloud pc. So what is the difference between that and Windows 365?

Well going back to our example with the computer store with azure virtual desktop you'll have a computer at the store but you have full control over that computer and you are on point for managing it, now with Windows 365 you have a team at the computer store who are managing your device you simply go in and you click a few buttons to set up your new cloud pc, if you need help with the management well you have it covered. With Azure virtual desktop on the other hand, you are fully in control of that experience, so that makes sense, but Microsoft also offers Microsoft 365. that is another product name with 365 in it so what is the difference between that and Windows 365?
Windows 365 is the cloud-based pc a computer that is in Datacenter, Microsoft 365 gives you access to all the office productivity apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so you can have both Windows 365 on cloud and then you can also run Microsoft 365 on it which will give you access to all your productivity tools hopefully by now windows 365 makes sense, but how does it work? how do you get a new cloud pc setup?

Well, you're going to have your admin go in and they'll assign a license to you then they'll also configure what your cloud pc looks like they'll also need to go into endpoint manager and set up a provisioning policy, if you're interested in what all of those steps look like here is the link once you have your cloud pc all set up you simply go to windows365.microsoft.com and you can access your cloud pc directly through your browser or you could also download an app that'll allow you to connect to your cloud pc on a mac on a windows pc on android on iOS any one of those different platforms.

The experience itself once you sign into your cloud pc is just like using windows 10 or windows 11, you are just using another pc that happens to be at the data center or once again the computer shop.

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