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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases: | Posted on 15th May 2021.

Hey everyone Sudarshan here and today i want to show you some of my favourite tips and tricks in google drive there are lots of great ones and I'm sure there'll be some new ones for you.

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

Google Drive Tip number #1 Pull text out of images and pdfs.

You can pull text out of images using google drive and this works with jpegs png`s gifs and even pdfs, so in your google drive select any image file which has text in it and when you right click on this file this will open up the context menu and right at the top you will see the option to open with google docs this opens up a new google doc and at the very top you can see just the image inserted into a document but now when you scroll down below you will see it has extracted all of the text from the image and place it into the document and you could edit any of this text you could also copy it and i could paste it elsewhere.

Google Drive Tip number #2 Install a Google Drive PWA (Progressive Web App).

Why would you ever want to do that well it makes getting back to google drive even easier to install the PWA up on the address bar over on the right-hand side you'll see an install icon for google drive click on this and then click on install once you finish installing, you'll notice a new icon on your desktop also if you want to add this to your taskbar you can right-click and then you can pin this to your taskbar. Double click on this new icon on desktop to launch the app this opens up the google drive PWA and you have the full functionality of drive right here so it helps me get back just a little bit quicker.

Google Drive Tip number #3 New Short cuts.

So to create a new doc in google drive you'd come on to google drive go up to new and then click on new document instead what's even quicker you can open up a new tab and then simply type in and when you hit enter this will drop you into a brand-new blank document this also works with sheets, you could type in, and even

Google Drive Tip number #4: Save Space with Google Drive files.

This is mostly informational, Google file formats like docs sheets and slides consume none of your storage space, so assuming you have two different files and they're the exact same file they're just different file formats this first one is a google doc and the second one is a Microsoft word document (docx format) here if we look at the google doc over on the right hand side you'll see that it doesn't use up any storage space at all while on the other hand the Microsoft word document uses up one megabyte and that's consuming my storage space so why is that well google wants to encourage you to use their file formats and to use their applications and as a reward for that they won't use up any of your space.

Google Drive Tip number #5 Browser address bar to search within google drive.

You can use your browser address bar to search within google drive before we can use this though we need to configure some settings within your chrome browser, go to the top right hand corner click on the ellipsis and then go down to settings within settings navigate down to search engine and right in the middle where it says manage search engines click on the arrow within manage search engines, go down and click on add this opens up a prompt where you can type in details of this search engine, just type in Drive for the search engine and for the keyword you can type in Drive as well when you want to search on drive you'll type in a keyword followed by a space and then your search query down below paste in the following url so you can simply copy from here and once you're done click on add. Now that you have added a new search engine you can go up to the address bar and type in new keyword Drive then press a space and here you'll see that it says it's now going to search on your


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