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Sunday, May 30, 2021

FREE Windows 10 Apps You Should Use

By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases: | Posted on 30th May 2021.

Hey everyone Sudarshan here and today i want to show my three favourite apps for windows 10 you should have in your Windows 10 PC.

FREE Windows 10 Apps You Should Use

Windows 10 App #1 Drawboard PDF

We are probably spending a lot of time working remotely and it's really important to find the right tools to collaborate, the one topic that comes up a lot is how to annotate a PDF? so in many cases you need a tool to redline, markup and collaborate to PDF files and for all this one of the best free tools i found is Drawboard PDF, you can install it from the Microsoft Store for free, once installed just open the PDF that you want to annotate it's quite intuitive to use actually, you've got a range of tools and you can adjust their settings from the radial menu, when you click on your tools outer arrow you can configure the tool for example it just color stroke opacity and more, once you've configured the tool you can add it to your favourites bar then just annotate your document as you need, add a text box to give feedback or add a shape to visualize something but that's not all you can insert an image on the document or even add your signature you can select an annotation move it on the page or create a copy with the shortcut control C and control V and if the radial menu is in the way just drag it anywhere else or just click in the middle to minimize it it's super simple to use and really powerful give it a try.

Windows 10 App #2 QTTabBar.

The one thing we always miss in windows File Explorer is to have separate tabs just like we have in the Internet browser, I'm sure you often move or copy files around to different folders this means that you're going to have to open a bunch of separate explorer windows. A program called QTTabBar fixes that, it's an extension so you just add functionality but the File Explorer is still works the same, once you installed it you will need to enable it by going to the File Explorer view tab, click on the drop down for options and select QTTabBar. Now to open in new tab just right click on folder you want to open and click on open in new tab or you just use the mouse wheel button which will do the same.

Windows 10 App #3 The Dictation tool

This app comes pre-installed with Windows 10, with the dictation tool you can talk to your computer and your computer will capture everything that you're saying and it will type everything to notepad, doc file, email or any other app you wish to type in. So how do you launch the dictation tool? 

So to launch dictation tool you will need to press the windows key on your keyboard together with the H key, that launches the dictation tool and click on this microphone icon to start capturing. So, some reasons you don’t want to type and you'd rather just talk to your computer use the dictation tool.

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