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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Google Chrome Tips

You can use chrome url to very quickly navigate throughout the Chrome experience well how do we even know what these URLs are well there's only one URL you have to remember simply type in
By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 09th January 2021 | 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases:
Google Chrome Tips

Hello everyone, Sudarshan here and today i want to show you my favourite top 5 tips and tricks in google chrome now if you're like most people you probably spend most of your time on your pc in a web browser these are going to make you even more efficient and productive, all right let's jump on to my top 5 Google Chrome tips 

Google Chrome Tip #1: Tab Groups. 

You can now create groups of tabs in Google Chrome, now previously you could organise your tabs however you want it you could simply click on a tab and you could drag it to a new position but now you can create groups of tabs to create a group will First off you can select multiple tabs that you would like to include in a group here for example all press the shift key and I could select these first three tabs now let's say I also want to include Twitter as part of this group I can also press the control key and then click on this tab I now have four tabs selected and I can right click on any one of these tabs to add it to a new group this opens up a prompt over on the left hand side where I can name my group I'll go ahead and give it a name this seems fitting since I'm just grouping together a whole bunch of random stuff down below I could also select a color to more easily identify this group in the future I'm going to go with a nice common green down below I have a few different actions that I could take I could add a new tab to this group I could also decide to break up the band and we can ungroup everything I could also simply close the entire group or maybe I want to elevate it to its own window I could also move the group to a new window over here if I want to collapse the group I can click on the title and then I'll collapse all of those tabs once again I could click on it again to expose all of the tabs let's say I want to add some additional tabs in well I could simply click on one of my tabs drag it into the group and now it becomes part of the group if whatever reason I don't want it in the group anymore once again I can remove it the same way I could simply drag it out to have 

Google Chrome Tip #2: Pin tabs. 

You can now pin tabs that you use frequently in Google Chrome this will give you easy access in the future now if you want to follow along with this one feel free over here I have a Gotechtalk page this is a website that I come back to quite often, you can now right click on the tab and there's the option to pin the tab when you pin the tab it reduces the size of it but it's now fixed on the left hand side so I could click into other tabs in here I'll always see my pin tab over on the left hand side now if I go in and close Google Chrome and here if I open Google Chrome again here I'll see that automatically reloads my tab so this gives me easy access again in the future. 

Google Chrome Tip #4: Send tab to phone. 

You can now very easily send a tab from your PC to your phone, maybe you're about to head out and you didn't get to finish what you were trying to do for example maybe you are reading some article on and you got to go but you still want to complete reading that article, don't worry you can very easily do that to be able to pull this off you need to have Chrome on both your PC and on your phone, go up to your tab right click on it and there's an option to send to your phone, on your phone in Google Chrome if you click on a new tab and yu can see a message at the top telling you that a new tab was received when you click on open here is the same page you left it on your PC. 

Google Chrome Tip #5: Chrome URLs. 

You can use chrome url to very quickly navigate throughout the Chrome experience well how do we even know what these URLs are well there's only one URL you have to remember simply type in Chrome:// and then type in Chrome dash URLs (should look like this: chrome://-urls) when you hit enter this will show you a list of all of the different Chrome URLs and yes there are quite a few of them that you have access you all quickly show you some of my favourite ones and some of the more useful ones here if you type in chrome://history this will show you all of your search history without having to go through all of the different settings menus here you could also very quickly get your settings by typing in chrome://settings and here if you type in chrome://downloads this will show you all of your recent downloads Chrome URLs make it pretty quick to get through the experience. 

Alright, that’s my favourite Google Chrome Tips for you, if you learn some new Google chrome tips do let me know in comments below and hope to see you next time.

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