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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Well, it's not the best but it comes free and pre-installed with windows and it does a decent job, when you're in a pinch this is a great screen recorder to use.
By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 6th November 2020 | 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases:

Windows 10 Tips and tricks

Hi everyone Sudarshan here and today i want to show you my top 5 Windows 10 tips and tricks, if you're not on windows 10 let's say you're on windows 7 or windows 8 you should really upgrade and you can even download iso upgrade for free from here and to know more about Why Windows 10 is free click here

Now there are lots of undiscoverable tips and tricks and i'm going to show them to you today so get started.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 1: Screen recording in Windows 10

I want to show you how you can use an app that comes free and pre-installed with windows 10 to record your screen and it's called the Xbox game bar and yes i know Xbox is in the name but you could record things outside of games as well. To launch the game bar go down to your taskbar and within the search field type in game bar and you should see a best match appear for the Xbox game bar, you can also launch the game bar by pressing the windows logo key on your keyboard together with the G key, this launches the game bar and you see the interface here in the top left-hand corner there's a window for capture, this is what we're going to use to capture our screen. You can click on this capture button to start off your recording, once the recording is active and you can scroll around page you can narrate whatever you want to do once you are done just click on the stop button and now your game clip has been recorded if you click on this Game clil recorded window this will open up file explorer and let's see how it turned out. 

If you want to adjust settings for the game bar simply go right back down to your taskbar and in the search field type in game bar settings and you'll see a best match up here if we click on that this will allow you to adjust all sorts of things related to the game bar for instance you can set the shortcut key you can also set a shortcut key to start recording by default it's the windows logo key the alt key and the G key, under captures on the left-hand side you can also adjust the quality of your recordings for instance you could set the audio quality you could set the frame rate and you can set the quality of the video. 

Now is the Xbox game bar the best screen recorder?? 

Well, it's not the best but it comes free and pre-installed with windows and it does a decent job, when you're in a pinch this is a great screen recorder to use. 

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 2: Delay & schedule Windows Updates

Now we all know how important it is to keep your computer up to date but it feels like often times the computer updates at the wrong time, you are right in middle of your important work and you get the message saying that "windows needs to update" yes i know you need to update but please not right now, to adjust when your computer updates let's go down to the taskbar and in the search field again and type in windows update as a best match this pulls up the windows update settings let's click into this within windows update settings you can pause updates for 7 days, so if you're finishing something very important just push off those updates you can also change your active hours and the updates will not occur during the active hours and instead they'll occur when you're not actively using your computer so for me it would occur overnight 

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 3: Copy Paste Multiple Items 

Did you know that you can copy and paste multiple items now, these are probably the most used shortcut keys ever on a windows computer Ctrl C to copy and then Ctrl V to paste. Everyone knows it everyone uses it however there's an even better way you can use it and you can copy multiple items and then paste multiple items and instead of pressing Ctrl V to paste instead you're going to press the windows logo key together with the V key at the same Time and that opens up my clipboard, you can go through my clipboard now and you could paste text that you might have copied, you could paste images that you might have copied in fact i could even pin items if let's say you want to copy it and use it again in the future but it won't be the last item or a recent item that you added and then you can even clear the list if this is your first time ever using the Windows logo key + V key it'll ask you to enable it but once it's enabled you now have a clipboard that will contain multiple items. 

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 4: Shake and Snap 

Shake and then separately snap, so what do i mean by that well let's say that you have notepad  window and my desktop is a little cluttered in back i can simply shake my notepad window and everything else will disappear, but maybe it's getting a little lonely now how do i bring those apps back well let's shake again when you shake again those windows reappear, now what do i mean by snap well i could simply take a window and snap it to the edge and then once again i could snap the other window to the other edge and I could very quickly organize my desktop now this is also where shortcut keys are very nice if i click on my word window i'm going to press the windows logo key and the left arrow that snaps it to the left i'm going to press the windows logo key and the right arrow and it brings it back to where it was and then the right arrow again and that snaps it on the right. 

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 5: Multiple desktops 

On the taskbar let's open up the Task View, when we open up the task view this will show me all the different windows that I have open on my computer and up in the top left-hand corner there's an option to add a new desktop let's click on that this opens up desktop number 2, so here you have your current desktop now you could jump to desktop 2 and i have a clean window so maybe you want to separate your work from your personal or maybe your work. You can keep everything in its own independent window when you open up the task view again if you no longer need a window i can click on this x and that'll now close the desktop and you are not just limited to two desktops you can add any number of desktops.

All right, well that was a quick look at some tips and tricks in Windows 10, if you want to see more like this in the future let us know in the comment box.

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