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Monday, December 28, 2020

Five Reasons to QUIT Facebook

Facebook tries to integrate all that functionality onto one platform which means they're collecting tons of data about you
By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 28th December 2020 | 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases:

Five Reasons to QUIT Facebook

In spite of the fact that there are well over a billion active Facebook accounts it seems like tons of people are asking whether or not they should give up Facebook and light up user fatigue data privacy scandals and just generally getting tired of your friends seeming far happier than you

Do you really have a good reason to delete your account? 

Well, there's a definitive yes or no answer for that question, here are five reasons that you might want to at least think about whether to stay on the platform. 

Reason #1.: Facebook tries to do everything. 

The information glut on Facebook's servers, now obviously Facebook is far from the only social media service out there but unlike a good number of the others Facebook is trying to be a do-it-all service to a large extent, you might have a Twitter account to spit out a few quick thoughts snapchat to message your friends and Google assistant to look up reviews of local businesses but Facebook tries to integrate all that functionality onto one platform which means they're collecting tons of data about you, if you're a frequent Facebook user they may have even more info on you than anyone except for perhaps Google and even with that Facebook's social aspects means that it might be easier to accidentally expose something that you don't want to. 

Reason #2.: They keep Expanding. 

Facebook just keeps on expanding although it was originally a much simpler site designed for college students to display basic information about themselves it's turned into not just a very versatile platform but a company that keeps buying smaller social media firms Instagram and WhatsApp are two major services that are now under the Facebook umbrella and happen for some time and when you consider that Instagram by itself has become the app for photo sharing it's understandable to feel like you need to use at least one of Facebook services concerting how many people are on them, so if you're concerned about limiting how much reach they have finding another service to use might be a good idea assuming that service stays independent 

Reason #3. Ad Tracking 

Of course the Facebook couldn't acquire the other companies if they didn't make truckloads of money in the first place and the primary way that they've done this is via advertising, but not in the conventional way like Google Facebook increases their ads success and therefore the rates they can charge by making sure that they're serving they're users relevant ads kind of like how you see commercials targeted at old folks during daytime TV to do this they track your behaviour not just on Facebook itself but also on other sites that use Facebook's API and social plugins, you know like sites that allow you to like and comment with Facebook furthermore whenever you're logged into the service Facebook is tracking where you're going online it's basically like someone from the local grocery store following you around your home and watching what kind of meals you prepare so they can offer you relevant coupons next time you walk through the door and it understandably makes a lot of people really uncomfortable. 

Reason #4. Data Breaches. 

So far we've been mostly talking about how much data Facebook collects but the bigger issue perhaps is how carefully they safeguard that data once they have it, Facebook has had plenty of high profile privacy mishaps over the years with the largest one being the Cambridge analytical scandal where the data of 87 million users were shared without consent for political l purposes, another huge breach occurred just last year where 30 million accounts were compromised and also in a truly classic facepalm moment several years ago it was discovered that Facebook kept a large number of user passwords in a plain text document now, this list was only intended for internal use by engineers but it was still a massive security risk that never should have happened and while Facebook has publicly doubled down on commitment to user privacy in light of recent mishaps there's been enough of said mishaps over the years to raise more than a few eyebrows. 

Reason #5.: Social psychological Effects. 

Getting away from privacy and user security there's of course the social aspect of social media a much more tangible problem for many users well this is more or less true for social media in general Facebook has become a platform for people to showcase their lives and many of them simply put forward the best versions of themselves all the time where their lives seem exciting fulfilling and well-adjusted even though this often isn't the whole story of what's going on with a person it is when many of us are constantly exposed to which has led to issues with envy and poor self-esteem and then of course there's the fatigue that comes with the other half of your friends list who all seem to be determined to afford the worst versions of themselves what with the endless sniping back and forth about everything from politics to sports to tech brand loyalties it's exhausting, so none of this means that Facebook is just some kind of evil force and everyone should just get off of it right away maybe instead you just don't post anything that you care about keeping private maybe you only feel genuinely happy for your friends successes and maybe getting targeted ads doesn't bother you at all but if these things do concern you then maybe it's worth it for you to take pause and determine if you really need Facebook in your life besides you can always just take a break and see how that goes and then come back to it later you find out that getting new likes is the dope being high that you just can't replace.

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