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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Outlook Tips and Tricks

Hey everyone Sudarshan here and today we will go through my top 5 favorite tips and tricks in Microsoft Outlook, So without wasting any time let's get started.
By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 29th November 2020 | πŸ› Support me with your Amazon purchases: https://amzn.to/311Gk4H

Outlook Tips and Tricks

Tip number 1: Poll

You can now insert a poll into an email message this is a brand new feature that's just now rolling out, in the past Microsoft Outlook supported something called voting buttons but let's be honest they never really work that well, so how do we insert a poll well first off we need to open up a new email message, once a new email message appears go to the top ribbon and click on insert over on the left hand side of the insert ribbon there's a new option called poll let's click on this and this opens up a pane on the right hand side and i can enter a question and then i could enter a few different options, so once done configuring your poll yu can insert the poll into email, this now inserted the poll into email message, i can remove the poll if for whatever reason, you can now vote on the different options clicking on this link opens up my web browser where i can see my question and all of the different options and then you can enter my email address so it tracks once response. 

Tip number 2: Distribution Group

Did you know that you can create your very own distribution group or list in microsoft outlook what can you do with that? 
Well let's say that you always email the same five or six people and instead of typing in each individual email address you'd rather just type in a group name and then it'll send it to all of those individuals. To set up a distribution list let's go down to the bottom left hand corner and click on people this opens up the people view and in the top left hand corner you have the option to create a new contact group, just let's click on this option this now opens up a window where you can create your very own distribution group. Above you will need to type in a name for this group, so just type something in like senior leadership team and now to add members to this group go up to the top ribbon and click on add members, you can select from address book this shows me everyone in my organization and you can now go through and choose members for this once you are done click on ok and now you can see all of the members who are part of distribution list, now click on save and close, To send an email to distribution group you need to click on new email this opens up a new email message and you can now send an email to newly created distribution group simply click on the To address bar and here you can type in the name of the group. 

Tip number 3: Delay delivery

You can delay the delivery of your emails or to put it another way you can schedule when your emails go out, this is one of my favorites. Suppose you want to send an email to your team that says is everyone working hard and of course you going to send this in the middle of the night to set the delay delivery let's go up to the top ribbon and click on options over on the right hand side there's the option to delay the delivery when you click on that down below you can specify the date and the time when you want the email to be sent out on. 

Tip number 4: Offline mode

what is offline mode good for well let's say you want to focus and you don't want to receive any more emails for some amount of time you can turn it into offline mode or let's say you're doing a mail merge and you want to validate some of the emails before they get sent out this is also where offline mode comes in handy, to turn on offline mode let's go up to the top ribbon and click on send slash receive over on the right hand side, you can set it to work offline when you're working offline, it'll show working offline down below and you'll no longer get any email messages once you're ready to open the floodgates again you can toggle on work offline and then you'll now be connected to your email again. 

Tip number 5: Auto responder

Now let's say you're heading out on vacation you can have an out of office message be automatically sent by outlook. To set this up go up to the file menu once you click on the file menu by default you'll fall in the info view click on the option that says automatic replies this opens up a dialog where you can customize what your automatic replies say, to turn on automatic replies you can set a time range for when these responses are sent and here at the end you can type in your message, you can set it to send to people within your organization and people outside your organization and once you're all done you can simply click on ok. 

All right, well that was a quick look at some tips and tricks in Microsoft outlook if you want to see more like this in the future let us know in the comment box.

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