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Friday, October 16, 2020

Google Workspace

Obviously they are working very hard to improve the experience for remote workers after seeing recent success with Microsoft teams.

By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 16th October 2020

Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Hello everyone this is Sudarshan here, today we've got an exciting update on Google Workspace. 

Now today we're sharing update on Google Workspace, now you've probably never heard of this but it's basically something you already know Google Suit or G-suite is rebranding to Google Workspace we're going to break down all the changes set for google workspace including tweaks to gmail, drive, meet and docs obviously G-Suite has made a few changes recently and they're obviously working very hard to improve the experience for remote workers after seeing recent success with Microsoft teams, now for those who don't know G-suite or now Google Workspace is used by six million businesses worldwide and launch back in 2016 and you can now access it through they've changed that most recently. Google in their official blog post stated they have three major changes for this a new look in terms of logos a new integrated user experience and better ways to get started. 

Let's start with the New Integrated User Experience

So obviously there's a few tweaks and changes one of the first ones that they mentioned is the ability to dynamically create and collaborate on a document with guests in a chat room so they're definitely trying to make this experience so that you don't change applications and you're sort of in one hub accessing you know all of the major applications in one space, this is something they actually work towards in their most recent google suite update but they're also making some moves with drive sheets and slides and apparently you can now preview a linked file without actually having to open a new tab so that you spend less time moving between applications, now they're just trying to really make this experience a lot easier for you so that you're sort of getting the headaches out the way and making it more integrated they also beginning today will allow you to act to mention somebody in a document and apparently a smart chip will go and give you contact details which is basically meaning a little bit card pops up and whether they're inside your organization it will provide context and suggested actions like being able to add that person to contacts or reaching out to that person via email chat or video, so they're just enhancing a few of the natural integrations that you would expect in an application like this and apparently they're also rolling out the meat picture in picture to docs sheets and slides so you can have a collaboration and a conversation whilst you're in slides and they're working on that naturally rolling out they release that back in July so that's coming very soon. 

New Look Logos

So as you can imagine some smaller tweaks to the experience but just making it more of a hub versus this separate experience each different application, so when it comes to the new look in the coming weeks apparently you'll see four new color icons for Gmail , Drive, Calendar, Meet and our collaborative content creation tools like Docs, Sheets and Slides that are part of the same family and i must say the logos aren't too bad they feel very googly to some extent they're a lot more improved but basically Gmail is one of the biggest changes to Gmail logo in a fair while google drive sort of gets a conglomeration of logos blended into one, calendar and meets also get new logos so that's interesting to see, so you'll have to probably get used to those new logo apps um but if you're on iOS 14 i'm sure you can make the widget changes and change the way they look so and you can do that on android as well but folks hopefully you enjoyed this feature ill make sure to include the blog post that google posted about this right here.

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