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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Google Snapshot

Now Google Snapshot will remind you the important things of the day.
By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 03rd September 2020 |
Google Snapshot

Google Snapshot

Google has added three new features to its Google Assistant "Google Snapshot" feature. Now this feature Google Snapshot will give more options, faster and better online service on the same platform. This facility will be based on the online content and search history being used by the user, but the information about the weather updates, time and payment due will be the same.

How to use Google Snapshot

To make use of these services, Google has created a new Voice Command. Just start Google Assistant on your mobile and say 'Google show me my day'. However, this feature is available only on those mobiles which use English language as their default language in mobile. In the coming months, this command will be developed in other languages ​​as well. To use the Google Snapshot, tap on the icon at the bottom left corner. With its help, you can set a Google snapshot to remind you of your upcoming events, your friends birthdays, holidays and important meetings.

Not only this, you can also send messages and birthday songs, wishes through Google snapshot. it will also show restaurants, shopping malls and headlines-videos of your interest. Alert feature is also available for protection against CoronaVirus Covid-19.

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