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Monday, October 5, 2020

Find Parked Car On Google Maps

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By Sudarshan Yerunkar |  | Posted on 05th October 2020 | 

Find Parked Car On Google Maps

Whenever you visit a large shopping complex, at time its difficulty to remember the place we parked the car. If that happens, Google Maps can solve your problem and help you remember parking space.

Google Maps will also make you navigate to the parking space. Google Maps allows users to pin the location of their car parking lot. You can then easily ask Google Assistant to find your car or start navigation by tapping the pin directly.

Google Maps Essential Things:

- Latest version of Google App and Google Maps,

- The smartphone runs on Android Marshmallow or above version.

- Location services are on.

- Google Assistant has been given all the necessary missions.

Google Maps Save parking locations like:

First you need to save parking locations. Open Google Maps in your phone after you park the car for it. Then click the current location. You'll see it with a blue pin in the map.

Three options will be visible as soon as you tap it. Select save your parking option from it. Here you can also add a lot of information like parking numbers and photos.

You can also ask Google Assistant directly to remember your parking location. For this you need to ask "Remember Where I Have Parked".

Google Maps Navigate to parking locations:

Open Google Maps and tap saved parking cards. Then tap the Direction button, and then tap the Start button to turn on navigation.

In addition, you can also ask Google Assistant- "My Car" and it will show you the location of the car parking lot

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