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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Convert MKV to MP4

The VLC Media Player is a fantastic way to convert mkv files to mp4.

By Sudarshan Yerunkar | | Posted on 15th September 2020 | Updated 19th September 2020

Hey everyone, Sudarshan here and today i want to show you how you can convert an mkv video file to an mp4 format.

why would you ever want to do that well it turns out that most video editing software requires video file be in an mp4 format, so you might need to convert it for that reason or maybe you have some type of device that only plays mp4s and you can't play an mkv file.

Its very easy to convert video file types and this technique that i'm going to show today not only can you convert from mkv to an mp4 but you could also use it to convert to other file types as well and to do so VLC media player is by far one of my favorite media players you don't have to download any codecs and it's open source and it works extremely well and the best thing about VLC is its not only very good media player but you could also use it to convert video file types and it also works across all different platforms whether you have windows mac or linux.

So on you computer open our web browser once you open your web browser head to the website to download VLC media player and run through the installation process and launch it on your operating system to convert a file within the vlc media player.


Let's go up to the top left hand corner and you'll see a menu for media let's click on that within the media menu towards the bottom there's an option for "Convert Save" let's click on that alternatively
You can also use the shortcut key control and r at the same time once i click on convert that opens up an open media prompt and you can see file selection and we want to select the file that we want to convert and click on add this opens up the windows file picker and i navigated to mkv file where you have saved it and then click on open now you can see mkv file appear within the file selection all these other settings right now look fine next let's click on convert, this opens up the convert dialog and at the top i can see the source file that i'm going to convert into another file format down below i have the setting to convert i want to convert the file so i'm going to leave that selected under profile this is where you can choose what type of file that you want to convert this into if you scroll to the top of the list you could see things like mp4 and there are many different file formats that you could convert this file into in fact i could even convert it into an mp3 if i just wanted to extract the audio from the video file down at the bottom i also have a number of preset options depending on what type of device i want to put on, all of this looks good so far and now at the bottom i can choose the destination of where i want my mp4 file to appear just click on browse this opens up the windows file selector and just type in a name for this file converted and now click on save, once satisfied with all of your selections here click on start now the conversion will start and you'll see the progress bar at the bottom showing how far along in the conversion we are now the conversion has completed. 

Yes that's it file has been successfully converted from an mkv to an mp4 and you can convert from any format to any other format.

If this helped you learn something new please let me know into the comments and share this to your friends.


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