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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Cast your phone on PC

Lets View works across all of these different platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux

By Sudarshan Yerunkar | | Posted on 6th September 2020.

Hey everyone Sudarshan here, So today we are going to see  how you can cast from your Phone to your PC.

First let's understand what does it mean to cast

So whatever you see on your phone screen whether it's a browser window whether it's an app whether you're looking at photos or videos or even playing a game you can have that appear on your pc screen it doesn't matter what type of phone you have it could be on an iPhone or Android Phone and it also doesn't matter what type of PC you have whether it's windows mac or linux, whatever combination you have this will work.

Have tried multiple apps for phone casting but the best of all is  "Let's View" app, why i like this app so much?

  1. Works across all of these different platforms
  2. It's free it won't cost you anything to use
  3. The quality is very high 
  4. It has some awesome features 

So let's start off with pc open up a web browser and then head to the website once you land on the website let's click on download once you click on download you'll see it download an exe click on that and then go through the installation process next we want to get the let's view app on your phone now go ahead and get it on our phone first off let's click into the app store for iPhone and if you're on an android phone click on the play store once you open up the app store or the play store search for let's view once you search for let's view and  install it,  once you've installed it go ahead and click on open i've already installed it so i'm just going to click on open now that we've installed the app on both our pc
and on our mobile phone how do we connect the two of them.

let's start off with the desktop first and open up the app on my desktop next i want to open up the app on my mobile phone i'm going to go to the let's view app and then click on that i now have apps open in both places and one thing to call out is you need to ensure that both your pc that you're casting to and your phone are on the same wireless network if not this won't work,  within the mobile app i see an area that says connection and to the right of it there's a red button that says re-detect i'm going to click on that to see if i could detect any devices that i can cast to and there you see an option pops up called let's view "YourPCName" let's click on that next i have two different options that i can choose from i can either do phone screen mirroring this is where my phone screen will be mirrored over to my computer screen or i could do the inverse where i do computer screen mirroring what that means is my computer screen will show up on my phone display.

So  let's start out with phone screen mirroring once i click on phone screen mirroring i see some instructions on how i can set the mirroring up and we're going to use mirroring that comes natively with the iPhone if you're on an Android phone follow the instructions that you see.

Let's jump into that i want to show some of the functionality like  i can add a brush so not only do i mirror my image onto my pc but i can also annotate the image so i've clicked on that and now i have a pen tool so here i could draw on my app i could say hey class let's make sure we click into reminders and add the assignment and here if i jump on the screen it basically produces an overlay on the image and i could adjust the color i could undo changes that i've made and i could also remove all of the annotations on the screen and then i can annotate my screen i can also record my screen when i click on this record button
any movements that i make on my phone are now being recorded when i click on stop it'll tell me that the recording finished and i can now open a folder and it'll show me my recordings.

if we go back to the app on our desktop you'll see a settings menu that appears let's click on that and then click on settings within the settings menu you can set all sorts of things like whether you want the app to start on startup you could adjust the language but the one that we're interested in is the airplay resolution now by default it's set to 720p and this is the lowest resolution i've found that this resolution tends to work pretty well for videos or gameplay or any type of thing where your display on the phone is changing rapidly and you want it to be reflected very quickly on your pc if you're going to be looking at other things say pictures or documents where you don't need the image to refresh that quickly you can adjust it to the highest resolution i'm going to adjust it to the highest resolution and now it's going to reconnect the phone to the pc, now i've reconnected my phone to my pc and you can see the difference how  sharp and crisp that looks it's a full fidelity image from my phone.

All right well that was a quick look at how you can screencast your phone to your pc using the Let's View app the really cool thing about the Let's View app is it also lets you cast your pc screen to your phone screen and you have lots of rich functionality and different annotation tools that you can take advantage of and best of all the app is entirely free. 

If this tutorial  helped you learn how to cast your phone to your pc please share this to your friends  and don't forget to comment.

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