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Monday, August 31, 2020

How to Create QR Code

Hi everyone my name is Sudarshan and  today i will quickly show you how to insert a QR code into any microsoft office product whether it's word excel or powerpoint.

Why would you ever want to insert a QR code?

 So let's say that you're in microsoft powerpoint and you're presenting in front of an audience at the very end of your presentation you want people to fill out a survey or you want them to go to a certain website, you could have people look at the website url and type it into their phone but that takes a long time and people might type in the wrong address and it might not get to your survey instead what you could do is you could show a QR code , your audience, members can hold up their phone and then easily navigate to the url that you want to share by using a QR code.

QR codes aren't natively available on microsoft office products which means that they don't come out of the box with word excel or powerpoint instead we are going to use an add-in and i'll show you step-by-step how you can do that as full disclosure.

All right well let's jump and let's jump on the pc and add a qr code here i am on my pc and i have the latest version of microsoft powerpoint open this is the version that comes with microsoft 365, however as long as your version of word excel or powerpoint supports add-ins you should be able to add this add-in, so let's say that i have a multiple  slide that i'm presenting at let's say a conference and on my very last slide i want to show a my blog or website address and maybe i ask people hey if you enjoyed my presentation why don't you go ahead and simply type in this url in their web browser but that seems like a lot of work instead why don't i insert a QR code 

So to insert a QR code what i do is in Powerpoint go up onto the insert and if i go over into the middle where  i see two different options one is get add-ins and the other is my add-ins 

now in this case i don't yet have the QR code insert app and so i'm gonna click on get add-ins however once i install it what i can do is i could click on the option that says my add-ins, so let's go ahead and i'm going to click on get add-ins and by default it's going to drop me in the store, now just because it's called store doesn't mean you have to pay for it because this is a free add-in so we could do is click on search and then simply type in QR and then hit the search icon the first one is the one we want it's called QR4office it generates QR codes for us into any type of office document

so let's go ahead and add this on and so it's going to ask me to agree to the license terms and the privacy policy seems reasonable to me let's click on continue once i click on continue what you'll see
happens is QR4office pops up over on the right hand side.

now what i want to do is i have my logo here and i have the text, i want to insert a QR code right in this space what i'm going to do is this is a website address so i'm going to go ahead and highlight it
copy it with control c and then i'm going to go ahead and paste it into url section to generate a qr code now if i click over on this drop down list you'll see all the different types of QR codes that i can insert i could insert a website starting with http or a secure website or  i can insert a mail address telephone sms, geo or even a custom in this case it's a website url

so i'm going to go with http:// and then i typed in my website url i have a few options here i could set the color for my QR code i could also set the background color and i could even set the size now i'm going to be putting this on a slide so i want it to be pretty large and here i can see approximately what it's going to look like i see how many pixels,  so this will be 290 by 290 pixels and this is where it's going to take people and once i'm satisfied with that i can click on insert and then it inserts a QR code onto my slide i'll position it right here next to logo this will be a nice way to finish up my presentation and now let me pull out phone and i'll show you how this works so here if you have iPhone open up the camera app and for Android Phone use Google Lens and aim it at this QR code  and right away it detects that there is a QR code and it's telling me to open it and so i'm going to click on ok and it drops me directly on my web page just like i expected.

SO like i said before you could use this QR code generator not only in powerpoint but in any microsoft office app you can insert this  QR code into microsoft Word and microsoft excel and now the nice thing is you could use this QR code generator you could even copy it and paste it elsewhere you could put it in whatever type of file that you want you could save it as an image.

Alright that was a quick tutorial of how you could insert QR codes into word excel or powerpoint and this way you can make it really easy for your audience to get to whatever type of destination you want them to go to without needing to type in any type of long address if this blog helped you learn how you could create your own QR code please share this blog and if you want to see future blogs like this do let me know into comments section.  


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