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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Moving Year For Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Turning the Science Fiction to reality AI now exists in daily utilities of personal and professional lives.

From Checking current Weather, playing online games against the system, finding nearby shops or dialling a number from your phone book, and recommending products to buy considering your past purchases from your browsing history and bots responding to simple customer queries.

AI is the most aspired technology everywhere promising better & reliable efficacy. This essential part of technology is highly complex and specialised artificial intelligence created by Computer programme to perform a task and work like Humans.

This also includes Machine Learning where a computer system executes a task based on the data fed in the system. On the basis of the deliverable output, the desired information are stored enabling the functions from the respective inputs.

Looking at AI taking place at homes and workplace, the focus should just not be on developing a trendy gadget but to create a worthy optimisation process and automation to fundamentally thrive to identify issues.

Some technologies have already picked up the pace and are improvising consistently to set out their more improved AI in 2019.

Natural Language Generation

AI communicate ideas with perfect accuracy by converting the stored data into text. Such AI sub-discipline is used in customer service for generating reports.

AI-Based Speech Recognition

More systems like Alexa will be reaching everyone through the voice-response interactive system and mobiles applications.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents are computer generated animated virtual characters which serves as smart home managers and Customer service & support leading conversations and responding to users

Machine Learning Platforms

Computers Learn with the developed techniques from the machine learning platforms which is a sub-discipline of computer science and a branch of AI. Machine learning platforms have successfully gained more friction by providing algorithms, APIs (application programming interface), development and training tools, big data. They are as of now primarily being used for prediction and classification.

AI-Optimized Hardware

With growing awareness of AI, the more user-friendly hardware gets. This is achieved by new CPU (Central Processing Units) and AI specific devices are designed and structured to execute the task.

Decision Management

Aiming to give maximum output to business by incorporating applications to assist and execute automated decision making. Decision management is capable of introducing rules and logic to AI system for initial setup, training and tuning.

As we are already in the Year 2019, this would be the moving year for AI which will take to the new embraced systems. The companies will mark the shift in Business reality. A new way of Digital Transformation awaits incorporation of AI and Automation. The beginning had already picked up speed and demand for its eligible utility.

Smart Speaker like Amazon Echo Or Google Home, this both have natural language processing in speech recognising and language generation. this will be sending messages and reports on our behalf. It won't only make sure of our To-Do list is managed but will further help in improving our lives in more efficient ways.

From Text to face to face business communication will enhance the productivity, efficiency, and perception will shift the centre of Business Communication. Similar applications like voice and AI which are used for Human professional interactions shall be seen in new capabilities allow enterprise users to employ voice, AI and video to capture and analyze content, interpret non-verbal cues and quickly respond to queries for data needed in discussions.

But building trust in AI systems isn’t just about reassuring the public. Research and business will also benefit from openness which exposes bias in data or algorithms. AI systems will be most beneficial in Data Securing of Companies, one of the benefits of Machine Learning that it's consistently evolving as per the system and the type of response it gets. This helps in fighting the Cyber attacks preventing data and monetary loss. Reports have even found that companies are sometimes holding back from deploying AI due to fears they may face liabilities in the future if current technology is later judged to be unfair or unethical.

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