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Saturday, December 1, 2018

How to Find a Lost Phone

How to a Lost Phone
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So picture this it's the morning after a long night out and you wake up alone thankfully and reach for your phone but not only is it not on your nightstand, it isn't anywhere in the entire house and losing a smartphone isn't like losing a credit card where you can just call in and report a loss and typically they'll send you a new one in the mail for free in a couple days.

No no no losing your phone means suddenly being cut off from nearly all of your communication and in some cases even your credentials and that assumes that your phone wasn't stolen which could also mean a stranger with perhaps bad intentions now has access to everything from your super private photos to your bank account so if you do misplace your smartphone what precautions can you take other than you know going back in time and not losing it.

Well your first line of defense is your phone's auto location feature, yes enabling this does mean that Google or Apple will be able to keep tabs on where you are and where you've been but it's also the easiest and most effective way to locate a lost phone so here's how you do it we're going to do.

Android first and then iOS, On Android open up your settings tap security and location and make sure find my device is turned on you'll also want to setup your location to high accuracy and enable Google location history to maximize your chances and minimize your privacy if you've misplaced your phone and it's still powered on all you have to do is log in to the same Google account as your phone but from a web browser do a Google search for Find My Phone and Google will detect your phone's location as best it can display it on a map and will even show you what Wi-Fi networks it's connected to if any you can also do this using the find my device app if you have access to another Android gadget you can then choose from one of several options if your phone is far away, you can start by hopping on the bus to go and get it but once you get close you're need to pinpoint it which you can do by making the phone ring loudly before you do that though make sure that you also lock your phone so that strangers can't easily get into it, handily lock will also display a message of your choosing so you can throw an alternative contact info in case a Good Samaritan found your phone.

As a last resort if you think your phone was stolen and you can’t get it back, you can erase the phone remotely, you’re gonna lose everything that wasn't safe to the cloud but it sure it be it's a pickpocket being able to drain your savings account do keep in mind though that to use the lock and erase features you have to enable them on that Find My Phone page I mentioned earlier so do this before taking your phone out on any perilous journeys.

But if you're more of an Apple fan the process for locating a loss iPhone is frankly pretty similar go into your iCloud settings and make sure Find My Phone and send last location are both enabled then if your phone does get lost you can use either the built in Find My iPhone app on an iOS device or log into the iCloud website from a browser which will map the phone's location and give you options to make it ring lock it with a message or erase it all together similar to Android and you should also note that even if you turned location services off on your lost iPhone you can still remotely lock or you race it to keep your personal data secure.

So easy right thanks to technology no one loses their phone anymore well the issue with both Android and iOS is that real-time location detection only works if your phone's battery isn't dead if your phone is lost and powered down you can still get its last known location or from these services but there's always the possibility you left it on a bus or train and it's now 500 miles away, so if you're looking for an alternative physical GPS trackers like the one you buy for a pet do exist but now that hanging little gems and gizmos off your phone is no longer considered stylish, it was before they're generally considered to be too bulky for a smartphone and they have them in a battery life of course, you can buy Bluetooth enabled trackers but they're only useful for short ranges so they're mostly for the I lose my phone in my couch cushions and don't realize until it's dead kind of crowd.

So be sure to act quickly if you lost your phone outside your home and if you do think it was stolen please resist the temptation to go after them vigilante style, if you do track down the phone's location give that information to the police instead it's what they're there for and it'll keep you from getting hurt in the case that your phone was swiped by some absolute jacked-up psychopath.

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