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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update, also known as version 1809, is here! Let's take a look at all the noteworthy new features and changes rolled out in this release.

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We're taking a look at the windows 10 October 2018 update also known as version 1809 this is the latest version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is now rolling out to Windows 10 users that's packing a number of new features and enhancements over the last major Windows 10 feature update which was released back in April of this year so it's been about six months since then and Microsoft has been pretty busy working on new stuff for users to enjoy so this video will go over all of the biggest new changes in this release it won't go over everything because frankly there's too much to go over it will take forever to do so so we'll just talk about the main talking points in this video so diving straight in the first noteworthy changes are with the Start menu now on the surface the Start menu hasn't really changed it's looked and felt this way for quite a few releases at this point but now I can name life folders just like you used to be able to do on Windows Phone so if we come over to the side here let's pin a couple of apps let's pin Video Editor add voice recorder and let's create a folder called editing for example we can now drag this over into the video editor tile create that folder and I can now name the folder so we can call that editing and there we go we now have an editing folder that is available down there and we can resize them as per usual I can make it small if I want to or I can make it really really large so on and so forth you can now name your life folders so that's pretty much it for the Start menu not a whole lot to talk about but it's nice to see regardless let's move over to the Action Center.

The Action Center basically looks and feels the same you may notice a slight fade in effect when notifications are present in the action center now but otherwise it's more or less the same down here however there is a new quick action called screen snip and what this is this is tied into Microsoft entirely new screenshotting experience in Windows 10 October 2018 update so if we click on this here you see a new sort of bar at the top appear and you can now draw a shape to create a screenshot so if we want to just screenshot this part of the screen here we can do so that and now that screenshot has now been saved to my clipboard if I tap on this notification here this will open me up into a new app called sniffing sketch where I can annotate on it and save it for sharing on Twitter or in documents and so on so that's the new screen clipping experience now this also works with the keyboard command so if you do windows key shift and s that will also bring up the new screenshot tool and I can even do a full screen so what if I
want to save to my clipboard and I can click on it then I can draw on it like this when it's my pen there it is hey windows logo windows yay and that works just like that we have lots of different options up here we have that option what's that one what is the difference there I guess one's the pencil one's a pen yeah that makes sense then we've got highlight at highlighter tool we got a razor ruler then we can even crop it once you've taken the photo is the screen shot as well so that's the new create screenshotting experience in Windows 10 it's a nice update of the old one now the old one is still here if you use the snipping tool it is still present but it will be going away at some point so Microsoft does want you to use the new screen shorting experience out of box here which is why it says defaults the old Windows key in
screenshot command still works it will not interrupt you there you can just do that and it'll take a full screen shot you won't get any new UI is interrupting you or anything the new screen shopping experience is only for those of you who used to use the sniffing tools so for those of you basically who pressed Windows shift and s Key.

Now moving right along the next noteworthy change in this updates it's with file explorer so file explorer looks and feels pretty much the same in this version of Windows if you're not somebody who messes around with personalizing their PC you likely won't appreciate this change but for those of you who do and like the dark mode feature in Windows 10 there is a new dark mode for file explorer so if we can't colors here scroll down and select dark and we launch file explorer you'll appreciate the brand new dark file explorer it looks pretty good at the top  of the title bar haze all dark so it's the ribbon here more or less then below it we have slightly different shades of grey which looks pretty good next to other dark mode apps if we come to here you see that you'll see it's dark mode and file explorer and even the icon x-men use a dark now which is much appreciated even on the desktop so even when five explores closed you will have dark context menus on the desktop which may match your wallpaper or your aesthetic if you're using dark mode everything let's change the color to that I really do not appreciate the default windows color now it's not perfect don't expect to be entirely shielded from bright white interfaces when using dark mode in Windows 10 now there are still some areas such as dialog boxes here which is still white haven't been themed dark yet so like I said be careful when you're using this at nights in with you know low lighting in a low light environment your eyes may still be a blind hit at random intervals otherwise it looks pretty good now another minor UI change involves the borders around windows in the previous update borders looked a little bit like this it would always have an outline of your accent color that you had chosen in the Settings app but now in version 1809 the October 2018 updates that border is
no longer there it will now just look seamless and in my opinion this looks much cleaner now this is still an option so you can't go back into settings and turn on that colored border if you prefer it but by default the window borders no longer have a colored accent it's just dark it just looks like a shadow and I think it looks much better there's also a new context menu design that shows up in some areas of the system mainly Universal / modern areas but it looks like this it has a translucency it has the acrylic blur effects and stuff and it has animation as well it looks quite nice now again it does show up everywhere but it does also offer formatting options so you can see here in an area where you can customize the text it will provide you formatting so you can make text bold if it wants to or underlined let's try it now so let's do testing let's make that bold and underline it and hey there you go that's exactly what that does it's pretty cool.

Alright one of the new changes in Windows 10 is something called cloud clipboard now the best way to demo this  is to simply open an app like notepad and begin typing so the quick if I could type I really can't brown fox jumps over the lazy dock now was the new cloud clipboard experience windows no longer just forgets the last thing you copied when you copy something else it will remember it for you and it can even sync it across so if we select all of this text and press control-c that has now been saved into my clipboard and I can view the clipboard by pressing the Windows key + V David is there is my text I just copied and previously all those screenshots I took also in the clipboard as well and like I said this is a cloud clipboard so this is also syncing across devices so if I had another Windows 10 device signed into the same Microsoft
account I could copy and paste content across devices now let's type something else what's going on with the latest version of Windows 10 copy we haven't control the windows clipboard you will see that that is now in there as well and I can even pin some of these snippets for saving forever I guess so if we pin this this will no longer disappear after setting that time that will always be there for me to copy and paste across devices which is very nice so there are some settings for this if we jump into system and go down to clipboard you'll see that you can disable it if you want so if you don't to use the clipboard history function at all you can turn it off and you can even turn off the cloud capability so if you just prefer having your copied content locally on the device you can do that it will not sync to the cloud let's think our to the cloud though if we jump back up here and see what changed this last syncs let's try something else a test that should now be syncing across devices we can also clear all here and then we move everything in the
clipboards history so that's a very quick look at the new clip boarding experience in Windows 10 it's very nice again it's accessed with the Windows key and V I think he'll access it from everywhere yes so anyway even if you're not in a text field you can access the clipboard from anywhere and paste content that you copied earlier and from across devices if you have that enabled pretty nice.

Now another new change in version 1809 is the Cortana UI Cortana's home has been slightly redesigned it's a lot wider now which looks pretty nice and it's less focused on the virtual assistant side of things and more focused on how helping you be productive so as you can see here it's emphasizing search more than it used to so search for apps files web results and more at the top here you can even categorize it so if I such a just apps I can just select apps here and type something I haven't searched for before let's search for store there we go and it was bring up the Microsoft Store Universal search is still here works as expected so we can just type you know Windows central and I'll bring up the app as well as search suggestions which we can then launch the website and so on and so forth there's also how can I help area down here which basically gives you tips and suggestions for things that you can use Cortana for which is very nice and it will sometimes also show you recent timeline activities now it's not showing up here but I can show you a screenshot and that will give you the last three recent timeline activities or at least the most relevant timeline activities to you which will allow you to pick up where you left off in those apps or documents now timeline is still here in the October 2018 update and not much has changed it looks and feels basically the same as it did before it's a lot faster now however if we open up some apps here you'll see that the animations don't drop as much it's still not perfect it's definitely laggy on devices with high resolution screens still and as you can see there the animation is still sort of broken when zooming back into the app otherwise the timeline is still more or less the same it just performs a little bit better.

Now moving right along the next noteworthy feature is with a new app called your phone so your phone is something Microsoft is doing that helps users sort of stay productive whilst using their PCs marks Allah says that having your PC next your phone can be counterproductive sometimes because you'll be constantly receiving notifications and messages and you'll be looking away from your PC and at your phone when you're trying to write a report or something so the your phone apps kind of designed to help you stop looking away from your PC it can run in the background and whenever you see van and whenever you receive a notification such as a text message you can just see it on the PC and respond to it there or ignore it so if we jump down to messages here you see that this is my messages SMS messages inbox I have nothing here right now but we can create a new conversation I'll quickly message my friend Jane and I can say hey Jane have you tried out the new your phone stuff yet it's pretty cool I can send that off and now that will send an SMS message using my SMS Apple phone from this from the app on my PC here now let's wait a minute for Jane to respond but that's basically carrot words it worked pretty quickly there so it does work through Wi-Fi so if you're not on the same Wi-Fi connection as your phone this unfortunately will not work but if you are then hey it works pretty well and there's the message back from Jane it's pretty fast it I'd literally just received that in about two seconds later it showed up in the app now if you minimize this and try this again surprise Jane isn't a real person it is me just messaging myself that's how sad I am let's just test here and we'll show you that the notifications do work when running in the background or at least when minimized and there you go Jane Smith to message their test app and tap on it which will then allow me to reply with awesome it worked now in addition to the SMS messaging there's also a Photos option here and this allows you to see the last 30 photos you've taken on your device now this is useful because it means that I no longer have to take a photo wait for it to upload to onedrive then down at it from onedrive and put it into my document or plug in a cable and manually transfer it from the phone to my PC I can just take the photo and in a few seconds it shows up in the your phone at without me having to do anything which I can now tap on and treat like a local file so as you see it's opened up in the Photos app here and I've open up that safe WordPad unfortunately I don't have an office subscription to use the office apps on this but this will still work I can drag this over let's split these up I can drag this over into a another document and there you go it's now in my document I can continue writing around it this is a plant there you go that's how that works it's almost it's entirely seamless it works it's like magic it should work as well as it does but it does and that's pretty cool now this does require the your phone companion app to be running on an Android phone unfortunately this Microsoft does say they're working on iPhone and supports at some point but for now it only works with Android devices thanks to Apple's imitations as to what third-party  developers can do when it comes to building apps on iOS so that's a very quick look at the new your phone feature in Windows 10 it works pretty nice and overtime works that says they're going to be adding more features to it – such as screen mirroring which will allow to actually see your phone screen on your PC and even notifications support so you won't have to look at your phone to see your notifications list you'll just be able to see it all straight with from within he app so the idea the end goal here is to have an app which makes it so you don't have to use your phone at all you can just see it directly on your PC which will be pretty great but for now photos and SMS which says in preview works pretty well and is pretty nice for this initial launch.

All right Microsoft edge time as with every Windows 10 update marks of Edge has received a number of new features and enhancements now most of the improvements to edge in this release are under the hood so I can't actually show them to you but there are some surface changes that are worth noting the first of which is this slight UI change there's an out there's now a subtle drop shadow effect behind tabs and frankly it looks pretty nice if you go to Bing Calm here there's a slight shadow effect now if you're somebody who doesn't care about UI and stuff you will not notice that tiny change but if you are then it looks pretty nice now the other noteworthy change is with the settings menu the settings menu has been redesigned it now has icons and stuff and it's pretty slick but if the Settings area here has also been updated it now looks just like the hub area so if you haven't used it before the hub area looks something like this and it has done since the April update earlier this year and now the settings area looks just like it as well so they're unifying the UIs across areas of the app which is pretty nice let's switch to dark theme because dark theme is best theme now if we go into privacy and security there are a couple of additional changes in here as well so there's a new option that allows you to automatically block also playing videos this is something that many people will appreciate media older play so we can block it entirely so if you go to a website where videos start to automatically play you can tell us to just not allow them to play now and it will stop playing those videos which is fantastic there's also some changes to billing and how billing works if you fill out a billing form edge will now ask to save that billing information so you can just automatically fill it up at a later date using Microsoft pay that's something I can't demo here because I don't have a demo card to show you but yeah it's a feature that works now.

Another new changes with PDFs if we quickly download a PDF here let's do surface RT PDF we can save that in addition to actually showing the PDF stuff we can also quickly show you the new option to right-click and show in folder finally Microsoft a show and fold option to edge this is something that has been  missing for so long it's finally here and it works pretty nice now if we have not this PDF here the PDF reader is slightly updated nearly notable the only real notable differences here is that you can now pin and unpin the bar at the top you can see here what that does I don't know but you can do it now which is nice oh and also the PDF icon has changed if we quickly make this larger and I make this larger extra-large that's a new PDF icon and I think it looks nice but yeah there's that's just some of the new features and changes in works with edge there's a lot more under the hood as I said it's a much better browser in this release but it really isn't every release it does get better and better every single time so if you're somebody who tried edge before and didn't like it make sure you give it another try it with this release because hey it may finally be good enough for you.

Well right now this is something for the gamers there was a new game bar the game was not a new feature it has been in Windows for a while now but it looks different in this one it's being updated with a new UI and this is what it looks like it gives you your  game capturing stuff at the top as wellas audio controls and eventually at some point as well it will even show you system performance now it's not working here because I'm not using on a device where that is something that would be useful to me and I'm not sure if it's working just yet in this release but it is something works with is working on which will likely show up in the next release if it isn't already in this one so I hear you that you'll see your xbox profile which I'm not currently signed into and there's lots of different settings for it just like there wasn't the past and overall it looks pretty nice look I closed it there we go it's closed you out we can stop recording start record the last 30 seconds turn mic on was recording I even broadcast to mixer then we of course with the turn up
and down our audio and stuff very nice indeed.

Alright let's jump into settings and it has a couple of noteworthy new changes the first of which is this I guess suggestion on the right here so with the October 2018 update the Settings app will now suggest things for you to do so you can see here focuses to focus and get more done with focus assist it's easy to block notification sounds and alerts whenever you want to create distraction free work time I click on learn more and that should open up the area where focus assist is pretty nice right so yeah that's the thing now also the sidebar here will now suggest questions that I can't being commonly asked by people I believe and you can get answers to it straight from the sidebar as well also the delivery optimization option which was in the past buried in the Windows Update area is now it has a surface category here in the sidebar which allows you to configure delivery optimization quickly Windows security Windows Defender has been renamed to Windows security and even has a nice new app UI like this well I say no it's got fluent design in it now which it's pretty nice we always like fluent design here at windows central now if we come into devices I think it's and go down to typing there is a new feature called typing insights now typing in science works with the virtual on-screen keyboards as well as physical keyboards if you enable the hardware keyboard options in settings and what it does is essentially what SwiftKey does on your phone if you've ever used SwiftKey on an android or iOS device that kind of loves all of your tight your keystrokes your typing your suggestion words you're also corrected words and the same is now being applied here in Windows let's try this again the that's definitely all I said but quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog lose enough this is a test we jump back into settings there with any luck we'll see some typing insights yes so we now have 37 keystrokes saved one spelling correction and nine swiped words Microsoft's official description for this is to help you save time is to help you save time and type efficiently windows uses AI to do everything from suggesting words to also correcting spelling mistakes take a look at the insights below to see up-to-the-minute stats on how AI has played a part in your typing so the typing insights do work with hardware keyboards as well but I mean if you turn on these two options here so tech suggestions as I type and autocorrect misspelled words as I type so these two things kind of do what virtual keyboard have been doing for on phones they will suggest words and correct spelling mistakes watch your type within a hardware keyboard now if we try this up here I wanted so I spelt wanted one on purpose there but you see that there's now a box here that says you know hey would you like to say wanted I said if I press space here it will correct that word for me I wanted to watch Star Wars with my friend James back everybody so there you go and you can see it is it is correcting words here if I jump back into typing insights those numbers are actually being updated which is pretty nice.

So the last thing we're gonna look at today in this update is the new skype app yes there's another new skype app in Windows 10 and this is what it looks like this is the universal skype app it's basically the same as the desktop Skype app version 8 except it's slightly more limited it doesn't have any of the the broadcaster features that the desktop version has for some reason hopefully that will be added at some point but everything else is more or less the same so yeah it looks pretty nice if you've seen this app before then you know what it's all about if you haven't then hey this is what it looks like does calling messaging all that good stuff it's a Skype app as most of them are it also has a dart mode which for some reason isn't enabled I wouldn't able it for you right now a general car theme duh yes please Oh doesn't that look better I do like a good dark mode now the last thing I want to quickly demo is the new pen inking features when inking into a text field now this was in the 1803 updates earlier this year but so it wasn't on by default but in this one it is so if I tap on a text field with a pen here I now get a dedicated writing area which I can now just right straight to that text box so I can say update Christ that was terrible handwriting ago I'm chopping to check for updates so I should work in a number of texts we're working every text field but it will work in hopefully most of them to try this down here yes it works down there for example let's try in this app that's a search party yep works in there as well what work everywhere like I'd mentioned that's right edge no so there's one area where it doesn't seem to show up for some reason but yes in a number of the system sort of search bars and whatever else and text fields it will show up which is very nice okay so that's a quickish look at the most noteworthy new changes in the Windows 10 October 2018 update there is a ton more that we haven't looked at including a more deeper dive into things like edge and the Windows shell and all that stuff so make sure you check out Windows central comm if you want to look in the description below as well we'll have a link to the change lot that we've compiled which is way more detailed than this video the update is rolling out now to users running Windows 10 for free or you can go and check for updates if your PC isn't receiving it yet it will likely receive it very soon and that's pretty much it so thank you very much for watching.

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