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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Intels 48 Core CPU

So intel has confirmed that they will bring their first multi-chip package design Xeon CPUs to the market in the form of Cascade Lake Advanced Performance or Cascade lake AP for short, we've been hearing reports about the new series for quite a while now but Intel has now officially revealed the new Xeon line up and also mentioned some early performance numbers.

Intel isn't talking much about cascade Lake advanced performance specifications as though will be presented during the supercomputing 2018 in early November, Intel is however sharing the initial details along with some performance numbers versus their own flagship Xeon the 8180 platinum and AMD's epics 7601, Intel is saying that the new Xeon class is built upon 20 years of Xeon innovation and glue it looks like the new Xeon processors will be fully rounded up not only featuring the above-mentioned technologies but also featuring even more cores and memory channels Intel is revealing that the Xeon cascade lake advanced performance processors will house up to 48 cores and 96 threads on a single package which will be utilizing a multi-chip package design Intel Xeon processors currently house up to 28 cores and 56 threads so the new AP series processors would be a good boost in performance just from the higher number of core count alone in addition to that the chip will feature support for 12 ddr4 memory channels and a huge bump from the sixth channel memory that will be featured in the Cascade Lake SP Xeon.

Intel is saying that the Xeon cascade Lake advanced performance processors will be launching in the first half of 2019 which also follows the earlier rumors that we have heard it will be interesting to see how Intel packs the new cascade Lake AP processors considering their HCC dies that scale up to 28 cores.

We may be looking at a completely exclusive dive designed for the AP series processors but I guess we'll have to wait until the supercomputing 2018 conference to find out more, until then let us know your thoughts on the Cascade Lake AP Processors and how you think they will compare against AMD epic processors when seven nanometer epic chips are going to be launching next year in addition to all the cascade like advanced performance news the Xeon e 2100 cups also hit general market availability today they were announced a while back and are now available via Intel and they're distributing partners around the globe featuring up to 6 cores 12 threads faster memory support well that's about all we have on that one today we would love to hear your  thoughts on Intel deciding to go with a multi-chip solution after spending so much energy playing against the weakness of using dilute to make their hot core count chips.

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