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Saturday, September 8, 2018

What Creative Commons Means

What Creative Commons Means

Technically sharing a cool image or a video that you found online constitutes copyright infringement, yes even that super funny SpongeBob meme, but often times there's no way to know if the rights holder is the guy who runs the sriracha sauce company who is super chill about other people using the name or if it's some super litigious artist who's going to send a tactical team of lawyers to your house at 3 in the morning and because it takes about two seconds to repost something on social media or a blog there have been a number of efforts to make it clearer what you can and can't do with the content you find online with one of the most notable being the Creative Commons license.

You've probably seen these  on websites like Wikipedia and Flickr whenever you click on an image but what exactly do they mean a Creative Commons license aims to find a happy middle ground between media that the creator declares it's in the public domain meaning that they've made it free for anyone to use for any purpose and works that are protected by the full force of copyright which by the way you should probably assume for anything that you find on the internet that isn't otherwise labeled.

Here's how it works the Creative Commons organization provides a number of pre-written licenses that a creator can choose from instead of having to draft one themselves or hire a lawyer to do it for them an expensive process these licenses allow any member of the general public to do certain things with their image song or computer program without having to explicitly ask permission as long as certain rules are followed. All Creative Commons licenses require at the very least that the user attribute their work to the rights holder, so you'll see example of this on some images attributions down in the corner whenever someone use a CC image.

Simple attribution licenses such as these are popular among business you such as a cafe owner who wants to play music in their coffee shop without having to pay royalties, however other CC licenses place additional restrictions on how the work can be shared a share like license for example requires that any transformed creation like a remixed song also be distributed under the same CC license creators also have the option of banning any commercial use or modification which could be useful if you're, say a photographer who doesn't mind people posting high-res versions of your pics on their personal cool desktop wallpapers blog because it's 2002 but doesn't want some shady character selling canvas prints on the sidewalk for 300 bucks a pop profiting off of your work, but come on what's the point of all this can't I just assert fair use if I'm using something without making money off of it actually no not only can you still get in trouble for reusing a copyrighted work without permission even if you're not turning a profit but fair use is a squishy-squashy subjective a legal standard that has led to some lengthy court battles in the past.

Creative Commons licenses spell out exactly what is and is not allowed by the creator and the organization also provides easily readable summaries and icons that creators can use to label their work if you don't want to read through all of that messy legalese, but bear in mind that the CC system isn't perfect for example you could still get in trouble for distributing an image of something copyrighted by someone else if they didn't correctly license it to begin with or if the work is otherwise legally problematic in the first place like for example if it violates someone else's personality or privacy rights and although Creative Commons provides licenses as a convenience to creators it isn't a law firm so you can't go crying to them if you misuse a CC license piece of content and you get sued.

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