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Monday, August 6, 2018

The Hyperloop Explained

Long distance travel has come a long way actually no pun intended, in the last 200 years we've gone from horse-drawn carriages to trains to cars to commercial flight saying you halfway around the world in less than a day's time.

We've always dreamed of faster ways to get around and one such mode of transportation is in the works thanks to Hyperloop. the Hyperloop could even outstrip Jets without requiring you to leave the ground which is awesome you see the Hyperloop superficially resembles a train or a monorail but can actually go much faster thanks to the elimination of most sources of friction the same force that slows your car down when you apply the brakes if you didn't know that, some high-speed trains like the Shanghai maglev in China that can reach nearly 270 miles per hour reduce friction by using magnets to make them levitate above the rail so it's not actually touching anything. The Hyperloop however goes one step further by placing capsules inside of a tube which is a partial vacuum so there's much less air to push against the vehicle on top of this the capsules are suspended in midair by air Castor's similar to how pucks on an air hockey table are able to float around although the Hyperloop does use linear induction motors which are magnetic to accelerate and decelerate the vehicle the air Castor's are a much cheaper simpler and longer-lasting way to keep it floating in mid-air and finally the Hyperloop vehicle itself contains an air compressor near the front to intake excess air in the tube and exhaust it out the back because the excess air would otherwise cause air resistance or drag that would slow the vehicle down the compressor is necessary to remove this air and make sure the Hyperloop can attain its top speed.

Speaking of top speed when you put all of this together you have a system that is theoretically capable of going 760 miles per hour just below the speed of sound that's fast enough to get you from Los Angeles to an Francisco in just 35 minutes which is twice as fast as the typical commercial flight between those cities and obviously way faster than sitting on the 101 during rush hour okay sounds amazing where can i buy my ticket so that I don't have to give any more money away to the airlines that won't even give me a free bag of peanuts anymore well unfortunately the Hyperloop is still just a concept but the good news is that since it was first proposed in 2012 by Elon Musk there has been some real traction okay that was a pun with trying to get the Hyperloop system built one of Musk's any successful companies has made the technology behind the Hyperloop open-source so that other companies and institutions are welcome to develop and improve upon the Hyperloop idea a test facility with a short run of Hyperloop track is planned in Nevada and Slovakia is currently exploring building a Hyperloop in its capital Bratislava but as with any new extremely exciting technology there are challenges to be worked out such as the stresses it might put on the human body quick changes in velocity such as when the Hyperloop speeds up slows down or has to go over hills might put forces on passengers that might make things a little uncomfortable especially if they have to get up to use to the bathroom yeah plus since most proposals have the Hyperloop sitting on pillars above the ground engineers would need to make sure it could stay safe in the event of something like an earthquake because a bump going at 700 and something miles an hour is going to feel pretty rough still though the technology is being heavily explored by multiple governments companies and universities worldwide so a future where we're all being shot through tubes that nearly Mach one might be closer than you think no word yet though on whether they'll let you order overpriced steak and wine on board so you can feel like a VIP like those excessively expensive business class tickets.

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