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Thursday, July 19, 2018

What Does the Pause/Break Key Do

Alright so it's around 2:30 p.m. you're stuck at work and you're desperate to get away for a coffee because your boss is breathing down your neck for line graph or something but suddenly you glance down at your keyboard and you get an idea what would happen if I actually hit that Pause/Break key so you spring into action smashing your index finger down on it and as it bottoms out your boss freezes and a delightful coffee appears right in front of you pause break am I right??

Well no I'm not right, so what is the break button actually therefore then, I mean unlike the scroll lock key it doesn't even toggle that little light on your keyboard well the origins of the break key actually go all the way back to the 1800s when fresh memes were sent in via Telegraph rather than the internet back then if two people were communicating via teleprinter one person could press break to break the circuit which effectively interrupted the sender and let them know that the other end needed to transmit something.

This usually happened when one new source that was sharing a telegraph line with others has some breaking news to report, but even though teleprinters have long been obsolete the break he's stuck around on computer keyboards as a means to stop or terminate a running program, now this functionality was much more common back before graphical operating systems were a thing but for fun you can still use control + break key to terminate a program in Dos or in other text-only environments, but on a more practical note you might also still see a system administrator using the break key if a PC is connected to a mainframe and they have to interrupt the boot process to recover a password, but that doesn't have much applicability to you folks a home does it, so a far more common use for you would be to pause that flow of  text you might see on your own computer at boot time like if you would like to see BIOS messages that might help you understand or troubleshoot any issues you're having, now it doesn't work on every PC but gives a shot the next time you boot your system if you're curious.

The pause button will also stop any huge avalanche of text scrolling down your screen if you're using command prompt and even if you can't be bothered to care about anything that has to do with old-school command line computing, there are still two modern applications for pause brake holding down the windows key and pressing pause brake will bring a cure system property screen and some games will let you press pause to pause your gameplay makes sense right it does make me wonder why that isn't the standard but even if your favorite game doesn't use the pause key for this purpose you can always use hotkeys software to make this unnecessary button do whatever you'd like beating games or in Adobe Premiere.

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