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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Jailbreaking and Rooting

You know what smartphones are great out of the box but if you're a tweaker you might find the customizability of your iPhone or Android phone a little underwhelming after all being able to change your background in room tone and whether or not Siri has a British accent only goes so far when it comes to tapping into your phone's hardware potential so because of that many people have turned to processes that remove some limitations that's jailbreaking iPhones and rooting for Android Phones and although jailbreaking and routing are technically quite different they accomplish similar goals namely they give you privileged access to the devices operating system allowing you to do things you wouldn't normally.

Let's start with Apple iOS by default blocks any apps that haven't been approved by Apple and placed into the App Store and it also forces you to use Apple's default user interface, on top of that the iPhone hides its file system from users so not only is it tough to see all your files conveniently that are actually on your device it also prevents you from using the free space as USB flash drive, if you have a jailbroken iPhone though these limitations are removed and you can intensely customize the look and feel of your user interface install and use any program written for iOS no Apple approval needed and directly access the file system allowing you to use your phone as a flash drive or external hard drive and a large community has popped up around the practice of jailbreaking and you can find plenty of jailbreak exclusive tweaks and apps for your iPhone including everything from Windows Phone lookalike themes to classic game emulators.

But what about Android they already have gaming emulators as I mentioned before the Android equivalent to jailbreaking is rooting which also allows for a large number of visual and usability tweaks as well as advanced features like app automation the ability to turn your phone into a free Wi-Fi hotspot sometimes even if your carrier doesn't allow it and even overclocking, but frankly many users do it on the Android for far less exotic reasons to get rid of the annoying hard-to-remove bloatware that comes pre-installed on many Android devices and even change operating systems entirely.

So what if you're ready to take the plunge then and give it a shot well jailbreaking or rooting your phone often isn't horribly difficult, a quick google search will yield a number of downloadable tools that you can use to enable elevated access rights on your device but keep in mind that since these tools are technically software exploits that take advantage of security flaws in the operating system's code jailbreaking and rooting might not be available if you have a newer or a more obscure device or a very recent version of iOS or Android as some phone manufacturers work actively to prevent these practices when they release software patches, well all this sounds kind of cool aren't there risks involved??, well yes like many things you can do to tweak your gadgets jailbreaking and rooting do come with a few caveats modifying your phone in this way can often void your warranty and if you do it improperly it could even brick your device a lot of people also wonder whether jailbreaking or rooting is even legal I mean fine jailbreaking even has the word jail right in it and although I'm not a lawyer and the true answer depends on where you live and the time that you live in I can tell you that the short answer for those of you in Canada and the U.S. living in the now is yes it's legal as long as you're not doing  it to infringe on a copyright but remember guys that laws change frequently so you might want to do some digging around before you decide to trick out your phone.

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