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Friday, November 27, 2020

Who Controls Your Life, Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa ??

Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa

There's a real battle building up over the voice assistant that you use in your house on your phone and in your car and that battle is between Amazon's Alexa and between Google assistant, now why is it such a battle and why is it so important well let me explain.

So if you went back a few years ago digital assistant voice systems weren't really anything practical maybe there was some fun I remember playing on Android and they were interesting and kids like speaking into them and asking them some interesting questions but they weren't very practical but fast forward to today and voice assistants are starting to take over.

In 2017 at the CES show in Las Vegas Amazon Alexa really stole the show it really was the quiet star of that event because it was so popular and people like to see that it could be integrated into other third-party products now this year in 2018 in CES Google have realized they were losing ground to Amazon and they are making a huge splash at CES have even got you know some of the trams and trains painted with “hey Google” kind of the keyword that you need to fire off your Google home blazoned everywhere as you go at CES but why is this such a big thing why is Google which is a search company advertising company spending so much time trying to battle against Amazon.

Now in many ways this is going to be similar to the VHS versus Betamax wars that we saw in the 1980s, well it's important because the consumer needs to pick which ecosystem they want to invest in so way back in the day when it was about VHS versus Betamax which machine did you buy and which format did you use to buy the film would rent videos that films that you wanted to watch now today do you invest in to Amazon system or do you invest in to Google system now it's quite interesting to see that it's Amazon that are now competing with Google in this area until now with smartphones and kind of with content it's really been Google versus Apple or Samsung versus Apple or Google and Samsung you know there's this kind of combination of Samsung Google and Apple in this kind of fight for iTunes or Google play's movies or for music that comes from iTunes or you know and you've kind of got this and Amazon have been kind of over here on the side and they didn't do well in the smartphone market they had one attempt and they failed miserably but they have been building up all these other things that they are actually direct competitors with Google to think about their cloud services you think about their prime service you think about their music streaming service think about books okay these are all things that directly compete with Google and in some sense also with Apple now these voice assistants are making their way into our homes and into our cars and ES 2018 has shown there are more and more different third-party products that are integrating these voice systems into their devices so you can have them you know kind of in your kitchen and in your lounge and in your car in your you know everywhere in the house and kind of even headphones have now got voice assistance enabled into them and of course the faculties who will control the voice input from consumers and whoever comes out on top will be the winner in terms of being able monetize consumer activity and of course Amazon articles the great star at monetizing consumer activity actually monitor everything we do they send you emails or recommendations they you know and now Alexa is used to make to help people buy things from Amazon from their website there's evidence they're even offering lower prices if you order through Alexa than if you did directly on the website now Google aren't in that same market they don't have all you know you can't buy all these things you can buy on hammers and batteries and washing powder on and books and cameras and TVs you can't buy all those from Google.

So Google and Amazon are controlling they're coming at this from different directions but their goal is ultimately the same who controls your life and I use that correctly who controls your life because this isn't going to be a Star Trek utopia, nor is it going to be a kind of Jarvis Iron Man kind of utopia I mean basically Jarvis never said to to Tony Stark miss Potts is at the door and I notice you're running low on washing power – shall i order some for you but that's because these films these utopian ideas of the future don't have any money involved there's no commercialization either but both google and amazon need to be able to commercialize these voices systems and that's why they need to control it because the second place person or third place person is not going out of control the the personal choices and the personalization of services for consumers if you look at Google for example Google are in to search Google made its name in search and search is a big part of what Google does but nowadays if you ask Alexa for something it may get the information by Google it may get it from Wikipedia it may get it from its own database but Alexa is now determining the results that you get Amazon is now determining the results that you get and not Google and that means the power is being taken away from Google and it's being given to and of course in all of this it leaves out the smaller guy I mean you know if you kind of go back way back people can have moaned about the closing down of local hardware stores or local specialty stores because the big chains and the big stores were taking over will now multiply this up again a whole new layer and basically Amazon are going to become the king of almost everything that we do our music our films our books our shopping everything we want to control in our house Amazon is gonna be the name that's emblazoned across all these things and there's there would be no competition for anything else if a small company tries to start off by having their own voices system and even big company that Samsung have really not done a good job in bringing Bixby here it into our live except for if you happen to have a Samsung device and Siri the same it's limited in what it does and it's impacted it's really Google and Amazon that are now fighting for this top position and the others have basically already failed and you can see this war is hotting up on many different fronts for example this whole fiasco of YouTube not being available on some of these Amazon echo devices because Google say it doesn't meet the right standards, I don't want to accuse Google of doing anything bad I don't have any prove it but it's interesting that they are fighting against Amazon and saying well you can't have this service because of course YouTube is Google service and it's something that Google want to be able to promote but they don't want to do it at the expense of people switching away from Google assistants switching over to Alexa and we also see in the fact that the pricings of the mini versions of these devices are so cheap I mean the Google mini and the Amazon echo dot are just so cheap entry points into these ecosystems and that's just a classic marketing thing you always make the first entrance really really really cheap and then after with people in get themselves invested inside the ecosystem and then they buy more and more and more so you start with one echo dot and then you say well actually would be good to have another one in the kitchen and then you say well actually in the lounge we actually would like some better music you get a bigger one and then suddenly before you know it you've got three four five across the house and then when you come to buy your next appliance you say well actually wouldn't it be good if it actually integrated with my assistance so if you've got Google you want one a fridge or a microwave or a TV or whatever that's got Google in it if you've gone down the Alexa route so now it's affecting our consumer choices and people are buying devices buying appliances buying their next car based on does it have the correct integration with the system the eco system that you've already chose and of course this technology can become more sinister in the sense that it takes away all vases of privacy I mean you can imagine now going to a shopping mall and your phone sends a signal to something in the more you get to the interactive map and it's Alexa saying to our hello welcome to the mall I know you're looking for a pair of sunglasses you know the shops down there on the left worse you could go to a hospital or to a doctor's and it's Alexa that greets you Alexa tells the receptionist that you've arrived Alexa tells you what the waiting time is and offers to play you some calming music while you're waiting and then all that information is scrolled away somewhere on a server and it knows about your medicines it knows about your doctor's visits and those about you're buying preferences it knows about what TV channels you watch it knows absolutely everything now is that a good thing and so you can see now why it's important who owns that front end it's the front end to all the services that we consume whether it's music video shopping you know medical services you know but everything we buy everything we spend our money on you know everything gets funneled through this one entry point the voice assistant and who owns that controls everything that goes behind it so that's why both Google and Amazon are so desperate to get you into these systems.

I hope you like this blog I hope it wasn't too negative I'm just trying to show you why these companies are spending so much money trying to get their voice assistance into your houses.

Alright, guys, that's the end of the blog, thanks for reading the whole way through if you enjoyed this blog please share it with someone who would be interested and leave a comment, Thanks for reading guys.

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