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Friday, June 8, 2018

Which version of Windows you need. Home or Professional???

Home or Professional
So you're getting ready to build or buy a new computer but one key decision remains what operating system are you going to pick and unless you're using a Linux distribution or buying a Mac chances are you're going to end up with some version of Windows or another.

Now at first this might seem like a non-decision just pick the 64-bit version of whatever the latest Windows is and you're all set right??, well maybe not because ever since Windows XP there have been home and professional editions of every Windows and some additional ones from time to time and it isn't always obvious what the extra money some times as much as another hundred US dollars will get you with a enhanced professional license, so when does it actually makes sense well the answer depends not only on your needs but also on which version of Windows you need to run, as many folks still need a copy of Windows 7 to run legacy applications so we'll be covering 7, 8 and 10 in this blog.

Now it's one thing if you're thinking about getting a professional Edition but it's quite another if you need one to take advantage of your hardware specifically memory, if you're running Windows 7 is a big factor here the home premium version only supports up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and with many higher-end computers these days having sometimes significantly more than that, that would be a reason to go pro windows 8 and 10 support a much more generous 128 gigabytes on their home editions, although pro could be a good option if you need more RAM than that for something like virtualization especially as hyper-v windows is built-in virtualization support is only available in pro and higher but other than supporting more memory what else do professional editions offer well ever since  Windows 7 BitLocker Microsoft's version of full disk encryption as well as in encrypting file system has required buying an addition beyond just the home version.

Windows 8 and 10 professional include BitLocker while for Windows 7 you'll have to step up to the even more expensive Ultimate Edition, so if you're storing sensitive data on your drive that you can't afford to have stolen shelling out more money for a fancier version of Windows might be something to look into, and if you're reading this the chances are you might be the de factor IT person for your friends or family or even work and you might find the remote desktop connection feature in Pro  is useful as only computers with Pro Editions can be remotely controlled if you need to fix a problem or grab a file from another PC, though it should be noted there are lots of remote control options other than the built-in one in Windows, wait a second I mean can I just use third-party tools for a lot of this stuff well yeah in fact many of them are free so why should you give more money to Microsoft well the answer is that more expensive versions of Windows still have some features that are hard to get by other means or just more difficult to do without switching operating systems entirely such as setting up a domain at home which can be useful if lots of people need access to the same resources and if you'd like to fine-tune what they can and can't do and if you can get your hands on an enterprise version of Windows 8 or later, you can actually use Windows to go which essentially allows you to run an entire customised Windows session of a USB flash drive which is pretty cool.

So even though the base versions of Windows have gotten more feature-rich over the years Pro and higher versions might still be worth a look if you'd like an experience that's a bit more powerful without having to run around and find third-party tools for everything you want to do. Just don't call yourself an IT professional on your resume after picking up a copy of Windows Pro especially if the only reason you bought Windows Pro was to virtualize 10 instances of Mine craft.

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