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Monday, June 25, 2018

Where Do Deleted Data go??

Where Do Deleted Data go??

In life you purchase your electronics or groceries, your clothing whatever else you need you to take off the packaging you throw it in the trash can and once a week someone comes to take it all away, it's like magic once it's gone you never have to worry about it again, unfortunately for us the same cannot be said for deleting files on a computer storage drive, for one thing usually deleting a file just moves it to the recycle bin which has no sanitation technician who comes and removes it every week, it's simply a different folder location where files are stored indefinitely the file is still there and anyone with access to your computer can find them, once it's in the bin I can just empty the whole thing with one click and my computer tells me “hey this is a permanent change and that file will no longer be accessible on your computer once you do that” and you would be correct mostly, the file is no longer easily accessible on your computer but there is a huge difference between whether a file is easily accessible and whether it has actually been removed.

On both magnetic and solid-state drives, the bits of data that make up your photos music tax records and whatever else are naturally kind of scattered around and the way your operating system knows where to find all the pieces is on NTFS formatted drives anyway through the reference to it in the master file table, so back to deleting stuff removing a file from the recycle bin only removes the Master File Table reference that points to the pieces that make up that file puzzle and registers the space that it used to take up as empty this gives the operating system permission to go write over it but that does not mean that right after you clean out your recycle bin the file is gone not by a long shot in fact there are many programs that are dedicated to reconstructing deleted files some of which can do so even after a drive has been reformatted and using those programs right away like right after an accidental deletion or reformat before lots of the data has been gradually overwritten has saved many a person's from costly or upsetting loss of data but sometimes you want to get rid of files permanently from a storage drive like if you were going to sell it or donate it, in that case, how do you do it well there are a few tried-and-true methods that we'll highlight today.

The first one is to delete all the data on the drive then fill it up to capacity with new random data over and over again this method really wipes your whole drive so make sure you have any important family pictures transferred to a new drive before you go ahead and do that.

The second is physical destruction of the drive both fun and effective but obviously you won't be able to donate that drive that's more for if there's very sensitive data on it that you just need to get rid off.

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