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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tips to Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

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We've all been there, you’re on a business call, you're making plans for the evening or you're chatting up that person you like when suddenly boop!! the line is deader than Paris Hilton's singing career and here we are it's 2018 49 years after the alleged moon landing and we still haven't figured this out.

Well there are actually a lot of variables in the average cellphone connection there can be signal handoff problems if you're on the move and switching from one tower to another phone antennas are now buried inside the device rather than sticking out like they did back in the ancient 1990's at places like sporting events or concerts tons of people uploading selfies at the same time can overload a cell tower and of course the world is full of materials like thick concrete that don't exactly get along with phone signals, but let's say that you're like you know kind of like an important person that needs to like stay connected at all times how can you give your signal a boost, surely there's a better solution than sitting by a window or stepping outside to take a call you bet there is one increasingly popular method is to bypass cell towers entirely many cell providers have recently begun offering Wi-Fi calling as a free add-on this uses your home or office Wi-Fi connection to place your call over the Internet instead of the cell tower network to use it verify that your cellular plan provides you with Wi-Fi calling then enable it on your, now Wi-Fi calling can drop out if you move away from your hotspot during a call, but because of voice over IP or VoIP connection can carry much more data than a standard phone network it supports much higher call quality including HD voice, option number two is to use a gadget called a femtocell or micro or network extender this is a dedicated box that connects to your home internet connection but instead of providing your phone with a signal over Wi-Fi it instead generates the same kind of signal that you would get directly from the tower then it uses the Internet to connect to your carriers Network.

This can be a decent way to go if you're using older equipment that doesn't support Wi-Fi calling but these things can be costly at around two hundred dollars each and you'll need to ensure that your model of femtocell supports your specific carrier adding insult to injury you may actually get charged a monthly fee to use it and furthermore although a phone will see a femtocell signal the same way it would an ordinary signal from a cell tower so there's no special setup required on your phone some due diligence and configuration may be required to ensure that strangers can't connect to it, bottom line Wi-Fi calling is a much better solution unless you have equipment that you must use that simply doesn't support it.

Okay then what if you don't have a nearby internet connection to strengthen your signal well then you probably need a signal booster which can take even a week cellular signal and amplify it into something that's strong enough for your phone to use the downside to these is that you can't use them in an area that has no service at all unlike Wi-Fi calling or a femtocell you'll also need something to power it such as a car charging outlet, signal boosters for homes and businesses are also available and if you can afford one they can be a great option for large buildings where there are a lot of people on many different carriers though for the best results you'll actually want the antenna outside preferably on the roof which speaking from experience can be a bit of a hassle of course much of the frustration of having a weak signal can be avoided by simply ensuring that you sign up with a carrier who provides good service in the areas you'll be using it in the first place and besides maybe it's a little comforting to know that there are still a few holes in the big data machine of this brave new world.

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