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Friday, June 29, 2018

Keylogger Can Spy On You

Key Logger

So you're a privacy conscious individual you've got to factor enabled on all your accounts you use a reputable VPN service but what if there was something on your computer itself that could spill all of your secrets in spite of your safety measures, I'm talking of course about a keystroke logger or key logger a evil type of program that does exactly what it sounds like it logs every button you press on your keyboard and while sometimes these can be used for legitimate purposes like parental monitoring or language research, they also steal passwords and search history or even spy on emails to your significant others, and because a key loggers principle of operation is so simple they're easy to code easy to deploy in a wide variety of situations and easy to hide.

Once you get infected often by clicking on a compromised link software key loggers can live just about anywhere operating inside a script on the webpage itself injecting themselves into the memory space used by your programs to make them hard to detect or even getting into the code of your operating system itself as a root kit or by posing as a keyboard driver,  making matters worse unless you can see the key logger in the background or in your notification tray or you're like noticing obvious delays in the keystrokes that aren't explained by anything else it is really difficult to know if you have one installed defeating them can sometimes even require specialized anti-malware software that is designed to protect against logging software.

So you might want to consider that if you're really concerned that someone might be spying on you and while you're at it you might want to check the back of your PC too fortunately these  are usual pretty easy to spot but hardware key loggers also exists, often as a dongle that sits between your keyboard cable and the USB port on your computer these can be especially troublesome in settings where people might not be able to see the back of the PC like in a library or an office and depending on how valuable your work is even that might not be enough there have been cases of hardware key loggers being embedded inside a keyboard by a determined snoop and then either retrieved wirelessly using a transmitter or physically by going back and digging it back out later ,it's also even possible for key loggers to sniff the sometimes unencrypted connection between a wireless keyboard and the PC to snatch keystrokes out of the air and we're not done yet, now this is some real James Bond level stuff right here it's also possible to record the sounds that you make as you press each key and use the fact that each key will sound slightly different based on its position to reconstruct what you typed then if that's not crazy enough security researchers have found that keyboards give off different frequencies of radio waves when different keys are pressed and can even trigger Smartphone accelerometers strongly enough to discern different keystrokes if it's sitting close enough to your keyboard.

So I think all of this is enough to make pretty much anyone paranoid but I do have some good news unless some spy agency is after you your best bet is to just take a quick glance at your cable every now and then if you're using a PC in a shared environment run good anti-malware software and as always stay away from shady links.

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